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Moselland Cat Bottle Riesling

You know it’s the holidays when the cats come back to the LCBO. The Moselland Cat Bottle Riesling comes back every year, always in fresh colours and filled with even fresher wine. These harbingers of the holidays are an annual staple for the LCBO and for cat lovers across Ontario, so it’s time to start your list, check it twice, and look for cat lovers, naughty or nice!


Tasting Notes: This kitty is 100% Riesling, showing lots of pear, peach and citrus fruit, with touches of sweetness and balancing acidity. Juicy and refreshing, it’s the purr-fect (we had to say it!) companion for the holidays.

Enjoy With: Many feline favourites like smoked salmon, roast turkey, chicken or solitude – this cat doesn’t need anything else to enjoy itself!

Style: A light-bodied, fruity white wine.

Terroir/Region: Moselland began in 1968 when local winegrowers banded together to make their wine. Because of this, Moselland is able to source grapes from all over the top production regions of Germany in order to deliver great quality Riesling at an amazing price. The farmers are also the owners, so each farmer pays close attention to his/her harvest in order to draw out the finest flavour from the grapes.

Producer: According to legend, wine traders were tasting wines in the German town of Zell when a black cat jumped onto one of the barrels and swiped a paw at anyone who came close. The wine traders decided that they had to buy the barrel the cat was defending and the story of the “Zeller Schwarze Katz” or “The Black Cat from Zell” began. The Moselland winery has told this story through their Cat Bottles, and year after year the story, and the cats, get more colourful!

Availability: The Moselland Cat Bottle Riesling is available in the holiday gifting section of your local LCBO. They will be easy to spot – pink and blue cats tend to stand out! They’re only around until the holidays so stock up for the cat lovers on your list.

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Price: $11.95

LCBO#: #561662

Size: 500mL

Alcohol Content: 10.5% alc./vol.