Brace yourself for the dental plan debate. Andrea Horwath finally put the NDP in the Ontario election game with a pitch for full mouth coverage and turning student loans into grants. The question now: how much of these promises will Kathleen Wynne ultimately appropriate for her campaign? The premier has lately adopted strange messaging:

“I’m the type of guy who just grabs a jug of chocolate milk and starts drinking.” Doug Ford went on TVO’s The Agenda to pitch himself as an alternative to those he criticized for drinking champagne with pinkies in the air. But the Ontario PC leader’s love of the mythical brown cow is nothing new: he was chugging it during the 2014 mayoral campaign—and once nearly invited a reporter to drink some of it with him.

@MikeHockey1234 is officially declared unreal. Christine Elliott will introduce Doug Ford at a PC “Unity Rally.” Just over a week ago, though, DoFo fans on Twitter appeared to be fixated upon the hashtag #crookedChristine. Actual academic research concluded that several now-deleted Twitter accounts were “engaged in what is called Media Manipulation," explained on CBC's The Weekly:

Face of the Facebook data scandal had been more forgotten than Stéphane Dion. Christopher Wylie, who blew the whistle on his own company, Cambridge Analytica, for helping the Trump campaign capitalize on private Facebook information, is a B.C. native who got his first political gig with the federal Liberals. So far, just one senior staffer vaguely remembers him as an intern.

Laurier’s new tolerance for free speech about to be tested by Faith Goldy. The first speaker in an “Unpopular Opinions” series hosted by the Society for Open Inquiry (formed at Wilfrid Laurier University in the wake of Lindsay Shepherd’s showdown) will be a woman who was fired from The Rebel for yucking it up with Nazis. Meanwhile, the man who triggered the shakeup, Jordan Peterson, was the subject of a surprising profile in the Toronto Star.

“Kimpton Saint George” set to depress fans of the Fox and Fiddle. Intercontinental Hotels, owner of the Holiday Inn at Bloor and St. George, is currently turning those budget lodings into a boutique hotel. The revamp has now confirmed a July 1 opening, with “a dynamic gastropub dining destination” to replace its discount watering hole. Students lamenting the change may not be old enough to realize how much ’twas ever thus:

Mike MacDonald dead at 63. The standup comedian cancelled a charity gig for first responders in Ottawa “due to unforeseen circumstances." Those circumstances turned out to be his death, as a result of heart complications, five years after he received a liver transplant. MacDonald got his start at a punk rock club called Rotters before becoming a Yuk Yuk’s fixture and star of Mosquito Lake. His style was ultimately more influential than it was lucrative—as discussed last summer with Marc Maron.

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The main offering of a parody CBC newscast featured in last weekend's Saturday Night Live sketch about the ultra-apologetic "Canadian Harvey Weinstein."

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