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Sailing Opening Day - Power Sail Past and Raft Up - Saturday, 16 October

The 2021-22 Sailing Opening Day is fast approaching and will include the berthing of power boats on the main wharf prior to the Opening Ceremony and power yacht sail past.  The traditional raft up will start from 10.00 am.

Flag Officers and the Power Committee look forward to seeing as many members as possible participate in the celebrations.

We encourage you and your friends to join the festivities of the raft up, followed by the power yacht sail past at 3.30pm.  It would be fantastic to have the marina empty, with all craft either racing or participating in the sail past with your vessel suitably “dressed” with bunting.

It is requested that all members in attendance gather on the upper lawn at 12:45pm to join in the Opening Ceremony and firing of the cannon at 1:00pm.  Sailors then make their way to their yachts and the power yacht owners return to the Raft Up on the main wharf to continue the party!

If you would like to reserve a berth on the main wharf for the raft up, and / or participate in the sail past, please REGISTER HERE

In order for the instructions for the raft up and sail past to be forwarded and reach those wishing to taking part prior to Opening Day, please ensure you submit your form no later than Friday, 8 October. 

Please be aware that wharf space is limited due to the requirement of keeping one crane available, therefore not all boats are guaranteed a space.  First in best dressed!  All boats however, are encouraged to participate in the sail past.  

Congratulations to our 2021 Time Trialling Champions

A wonderful close to the time trialling season took place on Saturday 18th September commencing with the Navigator/Skipper Time Trial early afternoon and culminating in the presentation of the End of Season Perpetual Trophies later in the day to all those that did particularly well during the year.

Our congratulations go to all the winners for 2021, they were:

  • THE NAIAD TROPHY awarded to the most improved skipper for the season. 
    Winner:  Andrew Gill on Card Shark
  • THE AVALON III PERPETUAL TROPHY for the lowest number of points lost in any one consistency event.  Winners:  (Two Way Tie) Kizuri, Evan Moore and Christiane Clyne / Breakaway Andrew Jordan and RC Elise Manners
  • WM SCHOFIELD SHIELD consistency award and variable handicap event scored from all 16 consistency performances.
    Winner:  Steve Lewis,  Inkognito
  • LEM SHENTON MODEL awarded to the Consistency winning Skipper's navigator 
    Winner:  David Reed, Inkognito
  • PAT HEALY SEXTANT PERPETUAL TROPHY awarded for the lowest net score in any one consistency event 
    Winner:  Andrew Gill and Neil Clegg, Card Shark
  • 8 KNOT CUP awarded to the winning boat with a nominated speed of 8 knots or less competing in 12 of 14 consistency events
    Winner:  Steve Lewis, Inkognito
  • HIAWATHA TROPHY awarded to the Club Champion Classic boat.
    Winner:  Rob Cameron, Bronzewing Kate
  • CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP- Runner - Up Skipper with a total score of 131 points:
    Winner:   Evan Moore and Christiane Clyne, Kizuri
  • CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP skipper awarded the Bernadene Perpetual Trophy, with a total score of 138 points
    Winner:  Havana – Tim Cummins
  • PAT HEALY BAROMETER awarded to the Club Championship Winning Navigator 
    Winner:   Havana – Ken Stevenson
  • REAR COMMODORE POWER TROPHY for outstanding contribution during the year:
    Winner:  Steve Lewis.

2021 State Championship Series

This year the State Championship series incorporated 4 of the Club invitational races into an expanded 8 event series in an effort to foster greater inter club engagement of competitors at each of the club invitational events. This proved to be a great success with a total of 285 vessels competing with an average of 36 boats per event. With even more encouragement and reassurance that State events are no more daunting than any club race, it is hoped more RFBYC members will take up the challenge in 2022.

This year's team did RFBYC proud coming in 2nd on 164.75 points behind SoPYC on 78.75 points.  We'll get them next year!

Power Section T-Shirts

Got your Power Section T-Shirt yet?

There is a great range of sizes readily avaialbe right now.  If you would like to purchase one, please email power@rfbyc.asn.au with your name, t-shirt colour preference (navy or white), size and a shirt will be put aside for to collect from Reception.  Shirts may be purchased with your House Support or charged to your member account.

See the sizing chart HERE

If you require any additional information on items above or any other matter in relation to power boating, email power@rfbyc.asn.au