“A lot of people are doing it and they are hiding it with paper bags or something like that.” Provincial pot laws giving equal treatment to every kind of smoke have led Toronto’s mayor to contemplate similar liberation for alcohol. Meanwhile, restricting weed producers to one retail outlet a piece is inspiring alternative strategies:

Mammo and @norm can’t tweet their way out of this. Mainstreet Research conducted a poll of some city council races. Giorgio Mammoliti was quick to question the legitimacy of results that show him to be a likely loser. Norm Kelly is also vulnerable, even if the bad news is offset by stanning for Lil Wayne.

Peter Mansbridge asked the wrong kind of question. After the New York Times apologized for a Twitter poll questioning testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Mansbridge served up a similar one, which met with enough blowback for him to delete it. A less divisive question remains:

Torstar is investing a whole lotta hope in its paywall. Digital subscription costs have returned at the Toronto Star—whose decision to start charging $14.99 a month for what was previously free brought on plenty of opinions at Reddit. Also, free stacks of the Star on school campuses are no longer a thing.

Scarberia is the hottest spot for Nuit Blanche. The all-nighter is returning to parts of downtown, but this round also extends northeast to the Ontario Science Centre and Aga Khan Museum, along with Scarborough. Some efforts are already evident, although the party isn’t happening until Saturday:

Yonge and St. Clair shows some signs of salvaged salvation. The intersection became pretty bleak before developer Slate Asset Management snapped up all four corners. While the most prominent recent arrivals are Dollarama and Popeye’s, other efforts portending some renewed midtown glamour are currently taking shape:

Elon Musk got an expensive lesson from Grimes. Their torrid relationship factors in a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit over a series of tweets in which Musk claimed Tesla would be taken private at $420 a share. Musk says that he picked that number as a joke for his Canadian girlfriend, who recently introduced him to its significance.

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The Canadian Press discovering a restaurant with this name in Yamunanagar, India has led to Tim Hortons seeking to shut it down.

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