Lord Mayor's Cup

At the time of writing the last newsletter, LMC training was still a few weeks off and things were looking desperate. Today we are more than half way through the 4 week coaching schedule, we have 44 crews (again) and I am feeling pumped about the whole thing.

The ’09 LMC committee, coaches, deck controllers, heavy lifters, repairers and general assistants are well on the way to making the 20th LMC a success. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in so far – as I have said previously, the LMC cannot happen without you, and as in every year, you have stood up and made the commitment that the club needs to get on with being the great success it is. Well done and thanks.

The regatta is to be held on Sunday, 5 April – which is only 3 weeks from this coming Sunday! In the countdown to the final days of training and leading into the regatta itself, we need to continue working together. You will be asked to help on regatta day, so please try to make yourself available at least for the morning of Sunday, 5 April.

Finally, a reminder that during LMC training the shed is generally unavailable for use on weekday mornings. With so many corporate rowers down, we simply don’t have room for everyone! All afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings will still be available for members to get a boat out. If you are down on a weekday morning, LMC teams have right of way!

Land training is well under way on Monday to Thursday evenings. Please start thinking about your fitness and strength levels. The competitive season is almost upon us – the Guildford to Garret is only about 5 weeks away. Water based competitive squad training begins on Monday, 6 April.


Raffle Donations

There is a raffle as part of the LMC, and we're looking for donations of prizes. Anything you could donate would be greatly appreciated. A box will be placed in the gym this week for you to place your donations of wine, gourmet stuff and anything else you consider raffle-worthy.

News From Nationals

As you may be aware, the juniors, Nick Wakeford, Rowan Ellis, Alex Jolly and Tom Morris had a particularly successful nationals campaign in Tasmania. We can all be extremely proud of our athletes and their achievements. Well done and welcome back home!

A full breakdown of the nationals campaign, with all the medal winning results of Westies members, will be published on the website soon.

The Shed

Westies is a great club with fantastic people and awesome equipment.
We currently have at least 176 professional and corporate competitors in the LMC coming through our shed on a weekly basis, seeing what we are made of. Lets make sure we give the best impression to everyone who visits our second home.

We spend a lot of time in the boatshed and the gym. The members are the club, and you have every right to feel a sense of ownership and pride in your environment when you are at training. I encourage you to maintain a high level of expectation of yourself and those around you when it comes to making sure our club is maintained in a clean and tidy state.

Zoot Suit Riot

Please see the message below from our 2009 clothing officer:

My name is Jess Stacey and I am the newly appointed fashion coordinator (clothing officer, aka Lycra Queen) for the club. My job is to make you look sexy on the water but fear not because no job is too hard for me!

The intention of the club this year is to bulk buy zooties, but firstly I need an indication of who would be interested in buying these. Can you please let me know whether you�d be interested in buying a zoot suit or any other clothing (long-sleeved thermal tops, thermal leggings and caps are also available), and secondly, what size you want. There is a sizing guide available here: http://oarsome.com.au/size.html

You can contact me at jessica.stacey@rac.com.au or on 0417 523 638.


Go West

The Go West Indian Ocean rowing team have been preparing for over a year, and the countdown to the start of their race is definitely on - there is now less than 2 months to go till the start of the great race from Geraldton to Mauritius.

On Saturday, 14 March, the boys are having a Go West cocktail party as a farewell, fundraiser, shindig. If you haven’t already, contact Matt Hort on 0439 980 557 to get yourself a ticket and be a part of WA rowing history.

For more information about the race, the boat or the crew visit their website at http://crossingtheindian.com


As it currently stands, Westies does not have enough umpires to meet its RWA quota.

In 2009, RWA have introduced rules related to each club’s obligation to provide umpires for regattas throughout the season. In short, if we do not provide enough umpiring hours over the season, Westies may lose the right to compete at regattas, including States.

This is a significant and very serious issue for the club.

If you are, or someone you know is, interested in becoming more involved in the sport of rowing and would like to take part in umpire training (and help Westies out in a significant way), please email me at captainwarc@iinet.net.au and I will put your name forward for the next umpiring course that is due to take place in about May. I will confirm the precise date when I have the details from RWA.

The course is a few hours in duration, followed by training at regattas throughout the season – as few or as many as you are comfortable with. Importantly, your regatta training hours count toward Westies total umpiring hours, so you contribute your assistance in a meaningful way almost immediately.

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain David Winch at captainwarc@iinet.net.au

For the Diary...

Thursday, 12 March – LMC Committee meeting
Saturday, 14 March – Go West cocktail party
Thursday, 19 March – Management committee meeting
Sunday, 5 April - LMC Regatta
Monday, 6 April – water based squad training commences
Saturday, 18 April – Guildford to Garratt Head Race and Go West Indian Ocean Race start

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain David Winch at captainwarc@iinet.net.au

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