Ontario Place can't stop the sinking. After flooding forced the first show at the rebranded Budweiser Stage ampitheatre into the Air Canada Centre, another scheduled for tomorrow night with Chance the Rapper has been postponed by a week. The adjacent Ontario Place considers itself back in business after a five-year hiatus, but a lot of the grounds continue to look derelict in the light of day.

Jagmeet Singh thinks he can beat up Justin Trudeau. The newest NDP leadership candidate was interviewed on CTV’s Question Period without saying much—ducking from answers that he promised will turn up in a platform. Singh did argue, however, that an MMA fighter like himself could easily take down the pugilistic PM because boxers always clinch.

Peanut butter solution gets free CBC publicity. Canadians hoping to keep JIF Peanut Butter in Canada !!” is a 236-member Facebook group that dates back to 2010. Just as the Skippy brand retrenches from the country, its members got what they were asking for from Ohio-based Smucker’s, and happily posed with their sweet repatriated jars.

Dollarama is being accused of actual cultural appropriation. Dream catchers mixed in with Canada 150 paraphernalia generated a complaint from Kanien’keha First Nation member Jamie McGean, backed by a petition that’s racked up the signatures thanks to coverage on the heels of recent literary debates. (Dollarama thinks that the complaint is isolated, because the product has proven popular.)

“I don’t know if Lou would be cracking up about this or crying because it’s just too stupid.” Hal Willner, the longtime friend and producer of Lou Reed, was among the associates responding to the Guelph Central Student Association apology for playing “Walk on the Wild Side” at a campus event because it was "hurtful to our friends in the trans community.” The post has been removed—with no further comments from the association ever since their contrition became an international incident.

Ashley Madison claims to be bigger than ever despite the hack. A flack from the extramarital dating website said as much to the New York Post, adding that they don’t divulge how many of its claimed 52.7 million users—up from 36 million at the time of its 2015 data breach—are currently active “for competitive reasons.” The claim is questioned most by the outlet that previously found the Toronto operation bestotted with 70,000 female bots

What’s next for The Walrus? The question was asked in a Globe and Mail feature in the aftermath of editor-in-chief Jonathan Kay’s departure—but there's no answer yet. Still, the most detailed opinions come from a potential replacement, Jeet Heer of The New Republic, even though an unnamed insider doesn’t think that Heer can wrest himself away from Twitter.

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Words written on the sidewalk outside the British Consulate this morning after 22 were confirmed dead in the bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert.

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