The first NDP leadership bid ever to begin with posing for GQ. MPP Jagmeet Singh remains cagey about whether or not he wants to lead the federal party after Tom Mulcair steps aside. In the meantime, a glossy U.S. magazine's website is happy to fan his vanity—even if the interviewer couldn’t get the mag's editors to include a photo of Singh snapping some selfies during a Queen's Park shoot. Singh inevitably showed off the article:

Matador Club owner threatens neighbours with a Shoppers Drug Mart. Paul McCaughey, who bought the College and Dovercourt honky-tonk in 2010, only to spend years battling for a liquor licence, is still entangled in red tape. Now he's in the Toronto Star threatening to sell off the old stomping grounds of Stompin' Tom Connors. McCaughey's public appeal for movement on the Matador file coincides with a push by downtown music venue owners for approval to make more noise.

"Queensland may have poached a Pom who does not own a car.” While this morning was supposed to be mayor John Tory’s turn to brag about boosting Toronto's transit budget, the news was initially eclipsed by a report in the Brisbane Times that claimed transit boss Andy Byford was likely to leave Canada for a job down under, as head of Queensland Rail. But the TTC said Byford turned down the gig, rendering this fake news:

Sears Canada smacked for stealing Sleep Country's jingle. The department store's use of the slogan “there is no reason to buy a mattress anywhere else” has led to a lawsuit. (Meanwhile, Urban Toronto postings allude to a new Sears store downtown, if only on a pop-up basis.)

Banksy reborn in the South Core. A new development at 1 York Street, between the lake and Union Station, was originally supposed to house a Target—but at least its other planned novelty attraction has survived: a stencil drawing of an officer with a muzzled pink balloon dog, believed to be the work of celebrity graffiti artist Banksy. The concrete slab piece, originally created in May 2010, was salvaged shortly after it was discovered (and before other vandals could paint over it), and it's now mounted in the PATH. If Banksy himself has any thoughts on the matter, he didn’t share them:

Scott Thompson revisits Buddy Cole’s racism monologue. Vulture’s ongoing history of jokes (which last week featured Mike Myers on the etymology of “Not!") turns to the effeminate character's Kids in the Hall bit. Three decades later, Thompson feels white liberals haven't changed:

What kind of “huge announcement” is Q107 teasing? John Derringer promises a genuine surprise tomorrow morning: “As a matter of fact, in my combined 27 years at Q107, this will be by far the biggest Valentine’s Day of them all," Derringer adds on Facebook. A wild guess: the revived El Mocambo hosting a Rolling Stones concert, about 40 years after the last time. But that's only a guess.

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Hratch Aynedjian, on the ballot for today's Scarborough city council by-election, described himself as this kind of animal, by way of explaining why he's uniquely qualified to take on downtown politicians.

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