“Justin acts hurt when called out!” Donald Trump still hasn’t come up with a nickname for Canada’s PM, who apparently deserves a “special place in hell” for what the White House considers a betrayal. Meanwhile, Kevin O’Leary got a new title on CNN:

Fake-eyebrow conspiracy fails to make the fake news media. Bad lighting at a G7 press conference was to blame for video that made it look like Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow was falling off. But Trudeau's real problem remained an 18-year-old claim that he admitted to groping a reporter. The allegation was cited in the New York Times—but only to suggest it wasn't being discussed by mainstream media.

Mike Harris Jr. stands to be the most amusing new star of Oostario. MPP Sam Oosterhoff can be either credited or blamed for 13 millennials elected to caucus. But the son of a past premier is in a category all his own: Mike Harris Jr. was elected in Kitchener-Conestoga despite much ado about a complicated candidacy. Now he's aspiring to more:

Doug Ford’s first order of Twitter business. “Blatantly racist or anti-Semitic ideology should never be permitted on the grounds of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, or anywhere else in our province,” tweeted the premier-designate in response to the al-Quds Day march, now subject to a police complaint from B'nai Brith. (Ford had no such comment on the World Naked Bike Ride.)

Mike Bullard is taking issue with being called an “alleged stalker.” The comedian pleaded guilty to making harassing phone calls to his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Mulligan—for which he received a conditional discharge, six months’ probation and mandatory domestic violence education. But he disputes how his behaviour was described in the news media, and claims to be filing a civil suit. A victim impact statement from the CityNews reporter about Bullard was shared in full via Facebook:

Steven Galloway will be paid $167,000 in damages from UBC. The woman who filed the initial complaint alleging sexual assault and sexual harassment by Galloway—who was fired from his teaching job after admitting that they had an affair—wants the investigation made public. Also, the centre of this CanLit storm is now speaking out:

“A Company Built on a Bluff.” New York goes deep about Vice Media, whose co-founder and ex-CEO Shane Smith is scrutinized for schemes that include a proposal to rebrand the NYPD. Among the troubles: a claim that a male staffer was dismissed because of sexual assault allegations, but was still allowed to describe his departure as being a result of “a desire to pursue other projects.”

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The singer-songwriter has been honoured with a walkway in Saskatoon.

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