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Nugget Markets “Fresh to Market” October 6, 2010

In this issue

Fuji Apple Slaw

Fuji Apple Slaw

Save $1.92 lb.Our Fuji Apple Slaw is a great served with our Apple-Stuffed Pork Loin, chicken or with any hearty, flavorful fish. Washington-grown, organic Fuji apples are below half price this week!

77¢/lb., save $1.92/lb. (Limit 4 lbs.)

Honey & The Moon

Honey And The Moon

The most remote destinations become instantly familiar when you bring along a travel candle. This deeply fragranced soy-wax blend burns evenly from the first moment to the last. It comes in subtly sweet scents including Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine and Sandalwood.

Moisturize with Honey


The ancient Greeks called honey “the secret of eternal youth,” and we bet you will agree! Tap the secrets of the ancients and try the time-tested blend of honey and calendula for super-soft and luxurious skin. Honey Calendula Natural Ultra-moisturizer from Kiss My Face will leave skin soothed using honey’s healing properties.


Check out our weekly ad (3 MB PDF) to find even more great savings this week!

Win $1,000 in Groceries

Anniversary Banner

In celebration of our 84th anniversary, we're giving away $1,000 Nugget Markets gift cards to three lucky guests!  Enter in any Nugget Market for your chance to win!  No purchase is necessary to enter.  See store for details.

Upcoming Events

Wine and Beer Tastings with Nugget Markets - October 8

The following Nugget Markets are hosting the following wine/beer tasting events, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.:

  • El Dorado HIlls - Lava Cap Winery
  • Elk Grove - Carvalho Winery
  • West Sacramento - Grgich Hills Winery
  • Vacaville - Newsletter Rieslings
  • Roseville - Mad Housewife winery and more
  • Woodland - More from the Riesling Renaissance

Bella Dry Skin Formula Free Demo – October 13

Visit the Nugget Market on Covell Blvd. in Davis from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for a free demonstration of Bella Dry Skin moisturizing body bar.  This soap provides soothing relief to those with eczema and dry or sensitive skin; enjoy free samples from Bella founder Louise Dutton.

To find out about other events in your community visit our events page.

Fresh to Market
October 6, 2010
Volume 4, Issue 21

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Fresh to Market. Fresh to Market is a free, bi-weekly email publication of Nugget Market, Inc.

Prices valid 10/6/10 – 10/12/10.

Introducing Fresh to Market Honey

Fresh To Market Honey

Save $2Our Fresh to Market all-natural, pure, raw, local honey is in stores now!  Join us as we take a trip to the farm for an inside look into the world of a beekeeper.

Fresh to Market Honey, on sale this week! 24 oz. bottle, $3.99, save $2

Nugget Honey Brochure

For more honey recipes pick up one of our free honey brochures in stores now.

Chipotle-Honey Dipping Sauce

Chipotle Honey Dipping Sauce

This dip is exactly what it appears to be — fun and simple. Chipotle peppers made an enormous splash on the food scene a number of years ago, and they still maintain a big presence in a variety of food styles. Use this dipping sauce for everything from fried chicken tenders to grilled prawns.

Our Friend, the Honeybee

Bees are downright amazing.  They communicate with each other through dance, they evaporate water from honey in their hives by flapping their wings, and they visit more than 2 million blossoms just to create one pound of honey.  During a bee’s quest for nectar, it collects and spreads pollen, playing a critical role in pollinating our local farmlands.

As a result of our happy honeybee’s unique talents and travels throughout Yolo, Solano, Colusa and Sacramento counties, honey contains beneficial enzymes and bee pollen.  Fresh to Market honey is pure, raw and all-natural, which means it is extracted and filtered in such a way as to keep those beneficial enzymes intact.  An added bonus?  Many believe that the trace pollen contained in local honey helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

We have good reason to believe that after you try our spectacular all-natural honey, you too will want to spread the word about our amazing little friend, the honeybee.

Health Notes with Dr. LizDr Liz

How Sweet It Is

A part of our diets for over 4,000 years, honey represents one of our only "insect" foods — bees make it from sweet flower nectar.  Honey is a supersaturated solution of water and sugars (primarily fructose, which is the sweetest sugar type of them all).  And thanks to its bee "roots," honey has some nutritional powers worth noting:

  • Sweeter than table sugar: Calorie for calorie, honey tastes sweeter than regular sugar.  This means fewer calories when you use it in recipes or to sweeten your iced tea.  You’ll have to do a taste test because honey and sugar don’t measure up teaspoon for teaspoon — honey has more carbohydrates and calories per teaspoon (23, versus 16 for table sugar), because honey is a liquid and denser than dry sugar.
  • Exercise booster: Studies show that the sugars in honey are well digested and get into circulation quickly.  This makes a tablespoon of honey along with a cup of water an excellent pre-workout energizer.  And during a long workout, a tablespoon or two of honey also helps boost endurance (take it with some water).
  • Medicinal magic: Honey contains a series of antioxidants that may have some health-boosting properties. But it’s honey’s anti-bacterial properties that have made this sticky "ointment" a longtime favorite for treating burns and small wounds.  Certain types of honey are sold as homeopathic remedies for medical use. (Check with your physician before using honey on a wound, though!)

Liz Applegate, Ph.D.

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