Mayfield Newsflash: Introducing our Newest Partner Rishi Garg—Former Executive from Twitter & Square

Today, we are excited to welcome our newest partner, Rishi Garg, to the Mayfield Team. Rishi is a former senior corporate and business development executive from Twitter and Square. He is our sixth investing partner, and will continue our focus on championing world-class Internet entrepreneurs, especially those changing the way people live, work, and play.

Since our founding in 1969, Mayfield has been a proud partner to bold entrepreneurs, starting with Nolan Bushnell of Atari as he pioneered the video gaming industry in the 70s, through our current collaboration with Logan and John of Lyft, as they disrupt transportation. Some of our other recent areas of investment and partnership include:

  • Creating the first solar utility provider (Lyndon and Peter of SolarCity);
  • Establishing next generation adtech platforms (Frank of Rubicon Project and Jonah of Moat);
  • Creating India’s largest matrimonial marketplace (J. Muruga of;
  • Delivering China’s leading travel search engine (CC Zhang of Qunar);
  • Delivering delightful mobile experiences (Akshay and Ankit of Pulse/LinkedIn);
  • Building the first mobile and social fashion marketplace (Manish of Poshmark);
  • Scaling community commerce platforms (Steve of Massdrop);
  • Building the first dedicated small business professional network (Eric and Venkat of Alignable);
  • Democratizing fintech (Avi and Dan of Stockpile);
  • Pioneering digital health devices and communities (Jef of Basis/Intel and Ron of HealthTap);
  • Delivering drone platforms (Chris of 3D Robotics).

Mayfield is a nimble, close knit team in which every person makes a significant impact toward the Firm’s success. There are many reasons that make Rishi a perfect addition to our team:

  • He brings a fierce commitment to the entrepreneur, both as a former entrepreneur himself, an angel investor, and through his interactions with the many entrepreneurs he joined forces with at Twitter, Square, and MTV Networks;
  • He brings a product-first approach to company strategy, which enables him to guide companies to amplify their impact through the best strategic, distribution, or product partner;
  • He is driven and passionate in investment areas such as social media and new media platforms, disruptive financial services and technology businesses, and new marketplaces;
  • His leadership at iconic Internet brands such as Twitter and Square has given him access to a rich network of next-generation entrepreneurs, to whom we hope to bring our signature approach of collaborative company building;
  • And last, but not least, Rishi brings a global thinking mindset which is an integral trait of the Mayfield team.

Please join us in welcoming Rishi!

The Mayfield Team


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