“Nothing Faith Goldy has done warrants this assault on her campaign.” Conrad Black wrote a column that promoted the mayoral candidate—clearing the coast for Joe Warmington. Goldy’s journey from U of T to white nationalism is probed better by The Varsity. And she’s the reason that the Toronto election is on the radar of Russia:

Saron Gebresellassi disputes that she was played by John Tory. “We are succeeding and that’s scary to some people,” she said in a video response to Desmond Cole, who’s alleging that Gebresellassi received “material support” from John Tory’s campaign. The controversy came from an apparently misdirected text message.

The 21-year-old MPP will be getting married before he turns 22. Sam Oosterhoff announced his engagement to Keri Ludwig, who similarly grew up in Niagara Region. Premier Ford led the congratulations beneath this tweet:

Are you ready for one year of shitposting from Andrew Scheer? Refuting a Teen Vogue complaint about capitalism was an overture to the federal election countdown. These attacks will inevitably lead to more Liberal smarm about social media stock photos.

Andy Byford is now known across America as the transit boss who picks up trash with his bare hands. The former TTC CEO, who now runs the MTA, was spotllighted on 60 Minutes. Establishing a “Twitter division” is another tactic Byford practiced in Toronto:

The disappearing legacy of Bowlerama. The lanes in Rexdale will become the last with the Bowlerama name in Toronto, once Bathurst Bowlerama vanishes at the end of 2018. There was another one until recently at the Newtonbrook Plaza, which itself is marked for death:

Geddy Lee refutes the notion that Rush is “basically done.” Alex Lifeson all but announced the retirement of the trio in January. But a Rolling Stone interview for the 40th anniversary of Hemispheres ends with Lee suggesting that Rush may return in a different form.

Word of the moment


Ontario health minister Christine Elliott announced this new branding for supervised drug injection sites, overriding previous suggestions that the PC government try shutting them down.

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