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June 2013 Newsletter

Inside Sales Managers: The Summer FUN Meisters

Inside sales managers are spread thin these days: fighting the big battles to justify their teams existence, investing in the shiniest and brightest tools to make their teams more productive, creating strategically and equally aligned territories, designing generous comp plans, and tracking calls, conversion rates, and pipeline. They’ve even managed to squeeze time with their teams – weekly meetings, walking the sales floor, and 1:1 forecast reviews. They make themselves accessible, always available, and ready.

So what’s missing? Your teams seem to find you, well, a teeny bit stale. That’s because the majority of your sales talent are young Millennials. They are ready to work hard, collaborate, engage, and be social, on one condition: work must be sprinkled with FUN.

If you want to retain your top talent and keep them consistently motivated, it’s time you get FUN Meister on. Here are 10 FUN Meister PROMO CODES you can use right now:

  1. PROMO CODE: Job Offers - Today’s talent may be juggling multiple offers, so get creative: one tech company extended their job offer via Instagram.
  2. PROMO CODE: On-boarding - Boot camps are boring (zzzzzzzz). Some companies design games, skits, costumes, thumping music, and a limbo bar to make the onboarding process FUN.
  3. PROMO CODE: Product Training - Honestly, how interesting is Big Data? If teams learn best when they are “experiencing it,” not listening to it. Consider a scavenger hunt designed to bring them up to speed on products and lingo.
  4. PROMO CODE: Contests and Campaigns - Team spirit and competition are key here. Call blitz is just not enough to get the energy going! Consider doubling up on contests, and include food contest — such as a cookie bake-off, soup contest, chili throw down . . . Something to celebrate their dialing efforts.
  5. PROMO CODE- Rewards & Prizes - Talent 2.0 is bored by Starbucks gift cards, and they are bare bones when it comes to owning anything. For them, it’s all about access, not possession. Much better: gift certificates to Netflix, Amazon, AmEx.
  6. PROMO CODE: Public Displays of FUN - Talent 2.0 always wants to know where they stand, and they love public displays of recognition such as mental and emotional “swag.” It’s time to spark up your Sales Boards and TV Sales Monitors. Create a Boast and Brag Wall to create visual excitement.
  7. PROMO CODE: Sales Cheers - Group cheers create and boost team spirit. One innovative company, PeopleMatter, have a mandatory company-wide cheer every Monday afternoon. Here’s a sneak peak:
  8. Q- Are there any PEOPLE in the house?

    Q- I said: Are there any PEOPLE in the house?

    Q- What do we do?
    (We Innovate!)

    Q- What do we do?
    (We Create!)

    Q- What does that do?
    (It Stimulates!)

    Q- Then what do we do?
    (We Celebrate!)

    Q- Who Rocks the house?
    (PeopleMatter Rocks the house!!)

  9. PROMO CODE: Designer Dogs - Dogs are known to reduce stress, and that increases focus, productivity, and team morale. Consider having a department dog for the team - their people-worshipping qualities can have a long-lasting therapeutic effect on the team.
  10. PROMO CODE: Company Outings - Outings encourage team building. Think about BBQs, wine tastings, even F1 racing.
  11. PROMO CODE: Play Room! – Taking short breaks is important because it allows your team time to recharge. Some companies provide Play Rooms with foosball tables, shuffleboard, and darts where workers can actively take their mind off work.

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