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Building community forestry, tree by log

With growing awareness of social and sustainability issues in natural resource sectors, consumers are demanding greater transparency in the supply chain. Where did this fish come from? Is this coffee fair trade? Is this clothing sweatshop-free? Was this wood harvested sustainably? Yet third-party certification can be prohibitively expensive for small-scale harvesters and manufacturers that support local communities.

So we offered an alternative for BC’s forestry industry: we hold an FSC® Group Certificate, which businesses join to share certification costs. The certification adds value to locally harvested and manufactured forest products at an affordable price.

Bringing FSC® products to the marketplace builds consumer awareness and demand for responsibly managed and harvested forest products – changing forestry for the better.


As Project Manager for Ecotrust Canada’s FSC program, Natalie Hunter guides wood processors, distributors, and printers through the Chain of Custody certification program. “Managing the FSC CoC Group Certificate is incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy helping businesses meet their sustainability goals and green our local economy.”

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to do my part in ensuring that the forests I love so much will be responsibly managed for generations to come."


Ecotrust Canada is a unique hybrid. Part conservation, part community development, we’re a non-profit that embraces economic growth.

We believe that economic health and environmental wealth go hand in hand. And so we’re proud to support creative solutions like the FSC Group Certificates – one of the many we’ve brought to communities throughout BC and Canada.

With your support, we’ll continue to bring about economic and environmental change in the communities that need it most.


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