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La Prua Rosso Veneto Appassimento 2016

This week marked Polar Bear Day when we celebrate our furry northern friends, with some brave souls donning swimwear and jumping into the closest body of water. This may not be your favourite activity, and without a fur coat the bears themselves may think twice, but afterward you can indulge in warming up your outsides and your insides. Whether you’ve taken the plunge, or you would rather just stay inside and watch the temperature plunge, a little warmth is necessary right now and a glass of La Prua Appassimento is sure to do the trick!

Tasting Notes: La Prua Appassimento is made from the Corvina grape and is packed full of dark cherry and plum fruit along with baking spices, dark chocolate and mocha. It’s definitely got the profile of great winter sip!

Enjoy With: Roast meats and meat stews, especially lamb, as well as spicy pasta dishes and ripe, hard cheeses like parmesan.

Style: A fruity, spicy, medium-bodied red wine.

Terroir/Region: In Veneto, Italy the Corvina grape is most famous for its use in Amarone, which uses slightly dried grapes to make an intense and full-flavoured wine. The drying process is called Appassimento, and the same process is used to make La Prua, making it a baby Amarone without the price tag of its big brother!

Producer: Mare Magnum was started by Mario and Takis, long-time colleagues in the Italian wine industry. By harnessing their contacts among local growers and winemakers to source wines which reflect the flavour and feeling of where they are from, Mare Magnum gives us the insider’s edge in drinking the best of those regions.

Availability: La Prua Appassimento 2016 will be available March 2 in the Vintages section of your local LCBO, but a few stores may have it on the shelf already. Pick up a bottle this weekend!

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Price: $15.95

LCBO#: #530543

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 13.5% alc./vol.