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This is your Captain Speaking

Hello! If you haven’t met me, or haven’t heard about the recent hard fought election campaign, on the same day as Obama was elected the next president of the USA, I was voted in as captain of the West Australian Rowing Club.

Some people might think that the world’s largest economy and WA’s oldest rowing club have a lot in common. The fact is they don’t really. It was just a coincidence.

If you are new to the club, welcome to Westies! My name is David Winch, and I look forward to meeting you. If you are a Westies stalwart, I look forward to catching up with you over the summer and into next season.

From the Retiring Captain...

In the immortal words of Douglas J Adams: Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

(He also said “Don’t panic”. Sage advice for anyone involved in a rowing club.)

2008 was an amazing, challenging and life-altering year for me, I am grateful to all those who supported me and am looking forward to taking supporting roles in the club for the 2009 season.


(El Capitane 2008, incumbent president of the Bowside Union.)

Level 1 Coaching Course

Rowing WA is running a Level 1 coaching course on December 7 at a cost of $120. This course is valuable for all rowers, regardless of whether they intend to coach and is worth considering. To sign up, email Pierre at RWA on or give him a call on 9364 3905.

You will need to enrol in this course as soon as possible to secure a place.

Sean's boys


Boat Use Policy

The WARC fleet has grown particularly from the top end, and the club has a responsibility to look after these new vessels carefully. These include: The Moose, Maali, Somerset, Kadaar, Rufus, Vos, Lipscombe and Mason.

These boats are permission only boats. You must apply directly to the captain for permission to row these boats and you must prove competency in steering and boat handling.

Our fleet is still growing with another three boats arriving in January. They will also be permission-only and anyone planning to row them must apply directly to the Captain. Please treat every boat you row in with total respect and care. The club will be running compulsory refresher “boat handling” and boat maintenance sessions in the new year. If you plan to row for 2009, you will need to attend one of the sessions, irrespective of your rowing experience.



Lord Mayor's Cup

The Lord Mayor’s Cup is coming into its 20th year. This event is one of the most important events on the club’s fundraising calendar. I am asking for your support in making this Lord Mayor’s Cup the most successful in the regatta’s history.

You will receive more info (and requests for your assistance!) soon.

Summer Rowing Membership

Anyone joining Westies in the summer of ‘08/09 will pay a monthly membership fee of $30.

Renewing annual members will need to pay next season’s fees by 1 April 2009. A decision is yet to be made on next year’s fee level, but you need to start thinking about it now.

Building on our Success in 2009

Anyone who competed in 2008 will know we had a big number of athletes and boats at every regatta. Even with the generous support of the Wesley trailer, the logistics of transporting gear to and from every regatta was a huge undertaking.

At this stage, it looks as though we are going to have at least as many members competing for Westies in 2009, which is an awesome position for us to be in. It will also mean we will need to continue our careful logistic planning and competition entries to ensure we get as many athletes in the most appropriate boats as possible.

To that end, the 2009 selection committee has been appointed, comprising myself, Caine Holdsworth and the senior coaches. The selection committee will meet regularly to set squads and training schedules, and with input from all coaches, crews and boatings for regattas.

Westies’ goal in 2009 is to continue to build on the success that the club has experienced over the past few seasons and get as many people rowing in appropriate gear at an appropriate competitive level.

The committee and I are working now to put in place the framework for a competitive 2009 season. We have the coaches, the equipment and the athletes. All you need to bring is your commitment to train hard, work as a team, contribute to the club and to win. Westies will do whatever it can to help you in that endeavour.


Busy Bee

I wanted to have a busy bee before Christmas, but I do not think that is reasonably feasible, considering how close we are to the end of the year.

A busy bee will take place at the club on Saturday, 17 January 2009 from 7am. All members are asked to be there and to help out on the day. If every member pitches in, the job will be done by midday. See you there!

The new committee...

Obama and I shared electoral glory with a majority of the new 2009 committee members.
They are:

President – Warren Anderson
VPs - Trent Leach and Kim Scully
Secretary – Leanne Youngs
Treasurer – Nick Reid
Asst. Treasurer/Secretary – Alexis Babos
VCs - Deb Mason and Michael Jones
Youth Liaison – Rita Campbell
Membership Officer – Carolyn Murdoch
Committee members – Simon Johnson and Zak Campbell


The club sells chocolate frogs and assorted other health food as a fundraiser. This is a significant contributor to the club’s bottom line. If you take a box to work, I guarantee your workmates will love you for it.

Tenille Scott is the Freddo liaison officer. She has boxes of them mixed and ready for you to sell (or eat yourself).

Contact Tenille on and she will get you a box or two asap.

And that's the lot! If you have any questions or comments about the newsletter, please email or call the captain, David Winch on 0438 383 212. Cheers!

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