Lime: A Lawn Value

Lime “sweetens” your soil. In areas where soil is naturally “sour” (acidic), lime is extremely important for growing healthy turf. Lime helps to improve lawn color and density, helps to control thatch, and increases root development.

Our lime application helps to keep the chemistry of your soil in balance so that you can have, and enjoy, a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.


When your soil pH is too low (acidic), it needs lime to bring it back into balance. Soil that is too acidic causes “fertilizer lock-up.” This means that fertilizer and important micro-nutrients become locked up in the soil and are unavailable to your grass.

Lock-up may result in grass becoming thin and yellow, thatch building up faster, and root growth slowing down. A lawn in this condition is called “unthrifty,” because even when properly fertilized, it can’t make use of the plant food to become thick and green.

We suggest annual liming for acidic soil. It helps everything else we do work even better. That’s what makes lime such a great lawn value for you.

Think Ahead for Rewarding Blooms Next Spring

Do you remember seeing colorful displays of flowering bulbs in your neighbors’ yards last spring? Maybe you thought, “I’d like to put some tulips or daffodils in my yard.” Well, now’s the time to plant all kinds of spring bulbs.

Spring bloomers develop their roots in the fall, before winter really sets in. This growth period is crucial to next spring’s successful flowering. You should purchase bulbs early to allow time to plant them and to ensure a good selection. If you order bulbs from catalogs, remember to allow for shipping time.

Bulbs will perform better if you prepare the soil before planting them. Dig out the soil to a depth of 10-12" and work in organic matter, like peat moss or compost. To improve drainage, add sand or gypsum. Finally, mix in bone meal or a similar bulb fertilizer before planting. Plant the bulbs with pointed ends up.

Then just relax and wait for next spring’s show!

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