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Save the Gravenstein

In California’s Sonoma County, apple lovers and farmers have banded together to save the region’s historic apple—and you can help. Plus, swimming in the great outdoors, cool outfits for hot days, and a visit to Pennsylvania’s Frecon Farms.

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The Little Apple That Could

How to help save the endangered Gravenstein apple

The annual harvest of Gravenstein apples in Sebastopol, CA, has arrived! Heidi Lewis writes about the efforts to save this heirloom apple in The FruitLife.

Dip Your Toes into Outdoor Swimming

Swimming in nature offers lots of great benefits for physical and mental health

No matter your fitness level or mobility, swimming in the great outdoors adds extra challenges and rewards. Pia Hinckle tells you how to get started in Fitness.

Lunches That Cool


Workweek lunches with ingredients to help you beat the heat

Make your workweek lunch that much cooler by using ingredients that help you stay cool on hot summer days. Learn three easy recipes in Food.

Fruitful Visits

Family and sustainability are core values at Frecon Farms

Frecon Farms, in southeastern Pennsylvania, is as rich in history and community as it is in apples and stone fruits. We detail our visit in The FruitLife.

Cool Outfits for Hot Days

Dress for success—even in the heat

As the dog days of August roll around, how do you stay cool and still dress for the office? Miriam Wolf has the 411 in WorkLife.

Tips for Healthier Business Travel

Don’t let business travel steal your health

Business travel can be hard on your wellness, but it doesn’t have to be. From exercise to diet to a good night’s sleep, The FruitGuys explores ways to travel healthier in WorkLife.

Ask The FruitGuys

Q: How do I order Gravenstein apples?

A: This special heirloom apple is only available during the weeks of August 8th and 15th.
For more info or to place an order, visit our Gravenstein order page.

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Weekly Fruit Videos


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