“For the Parents” spins sex-ed overhaul into something else. Ontario has a new scheme to overhaul school curriculums, which involves a snitch line for parents to report teachers diverting from the script. Lest you think the PCs are only concerned with sex-ed, their moves on that file are now being tethered to several other education reforms:

There will never really be a lowest low for politics. Salma Zahid, a Liberal MP from Scarborough who recently took to wearing a hijab while recovering from cancer, was the subject of a riding association robocall in March that speculated about her illness foreshadowing a byelection. The man who set up the robocalls doesn’t regret them.

Maxime Bernier is holding a party for one (and whoever joins him). Conservatives convening in Halifax will keep Bernier, a one-time party leadership contender, on the sidelines after a couple weeks of him tweeting his feelings about identity politics. Bernier has declared victory now that the party has promised to reveal a new immigration policy.

“I’m not a politician. I don’t want to approach this in a typical way.” Jennifer Keesmaat is fully campaigning for mayor from an outsider angle. Meanwhile, the former chief planner seems to be the focus of much opposition research on behalf of John Tory. Details about how Keesmaat abruptly quit as CEO of the Creative Housing Society in order to become a real politician are emerging as a theme.

Proof that people will click on truly brutal banner ads. “Marilyn Denis Announces She Is Leaving The Marilyn Denis Show,” reads the headline on some creepy clickbait for an anti-aging cream, with fake endorsements from other Toronto TV faces. The page is confusing enough that Denis’s show issued a statement. A search for the culprit continues:

Supreme Court of Canada quashes seven-year fight to keep sales data off websites. The Toronto Real Estate Board has been fighting this one since 2011, while the cost of properties kept climbing. The Competition Bureau is celebrating this victory.

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The last location of this video store chain, which closed in December after 37 years, will be reopening soon at Avenue and Lawrence.

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