Politics in the time of the promise tracker. The federal Liberals want you to join them in keeping track of what Justin Trudeau has accomplished since getting elected. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have issued an earnest meme, in which Andrew Scheer asks, “Where Else would you want to live?” What makes him most relatable is that he doesn't know what to do with his hands while walking.

“CBC’s Carol Off is the most unprofessional and biased journalist of the dozens (maybe hundreds) that I have met, right, centre or left.” Jordan Peterson reacted to As It Happens covering his idea to target “indoctrination cult” university classes with a ranking website. (The website is currently "on hiatus.") Meanwhile, a Wilfred Laurier University grad student found herself censured for screening a TVO debate that featured Peterson. The professor is nevertheless basking in the fact that his book, 12 Rules For Life, is touching the top of Amazon Canada’s sales chart two months before publication.

Honest Ed’s rubble reflects a new downtown demolition derby. TORONTO NEEDS AFFORDABLE HOUSING,” read a banner held by protestors who shut down a city hall meeting where two condo towers at King and Dufferin were approved. The impending demolition of the Galleria Mall is also moving forward—with a revised proposal that relaxes some high-rise ambitions in favour of more park life. For now, the changing state of downtown will be apparent at Bathurst and Bloor.

Mel Lastman: still lurking. The Toronto Sun marked the 20th anniversary of the first amalgamated mayoral election, complete with quotes from Postmedia bosses Paul Godfrey and Rod Phillips about how fantastic it was to be in a megacity mayor's back room. Days later, Lastman is back in the Sun, because his company, Bad Boy Furniture, is saving the Santa Claus Parade in Streetsville. (Godfrey played the saviour in 1982 when Eaton’s pulled its sponsorship from the one in Toronto.)

Why can’t advertisers ever get the look of the 1990s right? McCain’s latest social media marketing for Deep ’n Delicious Cake aspires to some fin de siècle nostalgia, but everything about it seems off. Maybe this stuff is better left to the experts at BuzzFeed. (For a thorough audit of everything wrong about this image, see @JodiesJumpsuit.)

PMO endorsement of Traders prompts suspected TV bracket tampering. Justin McElroy’s attempt to determine the nation’s most memorable TV show is now in its second round. But the voting process hit a snag when one forgotten Bay Street drama series got a suspiciously large number of overnight votes—soon after Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary Gerald Butts tweeted he was “sad to see Traders go out in Round 1.” Rather than investigate this as a national security issue, though, McElroy disqualified the show, allowing Degrassi to face Danger Bay.

Word of the moment


Julian Fantino, who once likened legalizing pot to legalizing murder, officially opened his own medical marijuana storefront with fellow former cop Raf Souccar.

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