Ripley’s suspected skinny-dipper seemed to be exploring the tourist experience. David Weaver of Nelson, B.C. is wanted for allegedly assaulting a man outside Medieval Times, prior to what police believe was his dive into the Dangerous Lagoon:

Markham wants to be the worst place in the country for the consumption of recreational marijuana. On the eve of legalization, York Region’s most populous city is preparing to prohibit public pot puffing. Mayor Frank Scarpitti’s very anti-weed stance first surfaced when the previous provincial government asked to open a retail outlet there.

Rob Ford’s best bud is pleading for polite politics. Former mayoral associate Alexander “Sandro” Lisi first came on the radar for trying to acquire a certain crack video—afterwards, he faced drug and extortion charges, which were later withdrawn. His current run to become a school trustee in Etobicoke North is somewhat surreal:

Progress Toronto efforts have become a thorn in the side of council campaigns. Giorgio Mammoliti canvassers have been accused of removing anti-Mammoliti leaflets distributed by the activist group. Similar accusations surround a volunteer for Frank Di Giorgio. Progress Toronto flyers have also spurred Mark Grimes to dispute their claims.

A makeover for what was the Bright Pearl Restaurant. The building at 346 Spadina Avenue spent over 40 years with an ornate exterior—although it spent over 40 years beforehand as the Labor Lyceum, where anarchist Emma Goldman lay in repose after she died in Toronto. Now we’ll find out if it spends the next 40 years looking like this

What else can you say if you’re Peter Mansbridge and everyone seems to think that you personally liked a porn star’s tweet that invited you to “Bang With Me?” A video clip described as “hot moms xxx wife wifes interracial porn” earned the apparent approval of the ex-anchor of The National. Mansbridge then woke up to infer it wasn’t his like:

“We recognize that this fringe group is a tiny website, and that few people will ever read this.” WE Charity executives sent a memo to staff in response to Canadaland’s story on the organization.

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Pride Toronto says that if uniformed police meet these criteria then they can march in the 2019 parade after a two-year break.

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