Friday 26 May 2017    

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The Cambridge Mathematics team has been attending events across the world in the last few months, from Beijing to Stockholm, discussing mathematics from Primary to FE, assessment and CPD. We have also been meeting with leading academics including Professors Merilyn Goos and David Clarke, presenting the first iteration of the Cambridge International Framework for Mathematics (CIFM) and gathering their feedback.

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Each month we bring you an Espresso – a small but intense draft of filtered research on mathematics education. In this issue, Lucy Rycroft-Smith considers the evidence around what the effects of attainment grouping are on mathematics learning.


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Scandinavia trip
The team recently returned from a trip across Scandinavia where we met with policy makers, teachers and academics to discuss mathematics education provision in each country. The links we have made throughout the tour will help provide rich opportunities to enhance our work in the future. The full visit summary can be accessed here.


Interview with Simon Singh
Lucy Rycroft-Smith spoke to bestselling author and educator Simon Singh about his earliest memory of mathematics and how mathematics education has changed in his lifetime. Read the interview here.

National Numeracy
The team met with National Numeracy earlier this month to discuss the 'Essentials at 14' research report sponsored by Cambridge Mathematics. We explored the place of numeracy within mathematics and what a realistic assessment of this might look like, including links to existing qualifications internationally and how 'being numerate' sits within it. The team will use the report to supplement its research when creating appropriate areas of CIFM.

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