The tale of the takes about the mass shooting in Greektown. Amidst the naming of 10-year-old Juliana Kozis as the shooting's second fatality, the news media was busy trying to fact-check the shooter’s family's statement. Meanwhile, other pundits wondered whether to blame it all on masculinity. Police have only said that there’s no evidence right now linking the attack to terrorism:

ShotSpotter gets a timely go-ahead at city hall. The controversial gunshot detector technology had its $44-million order approved amidst a city council meeting that was largely consumed with responding to events on the Danforth. Giorigio Mammoilti failed to get support for an investigation into whether gun violence results from a “lack of parenting.” 

Conservative MPP tells reporter that life will be worthwhile if she just smiles. Provincial energy minister Greg Rickford advised Global’s Marieke Walsh to smile during a scrum about the merger of Avista and Hydro One. Rickford apologized for the exchange after Walsh put the transcript on Twitter.

Cannabis on more corners won’t do much for variety stores. Speculation is wafting about whether Queen’s Park will expand legal weed retail to private stores. But federal law comes with a clampdown on non-cannabis retail selling pot accessories.

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“Me and him, sat and talked for a couple of hours. Not even on some hoops stuff. Just to hear the words that come from him being the person that he is in this world, especially in Toronto. What I meant to this city. It was what I needed.” DeMar DeRozan told ESPN’s SportsCenter that he went to Drake’s house to talk after he heard he was being shipped to San Antonio. The friendship inspired a rewrite of a Drake track:

You’ll never guess that this group is called the Guess Who. Rights to the Winnipeg band name are still co-owned by drummer Garry Peterson, whose bandmates are no longer named Bachman or Cummings. The latest incarnation, featuring former Quiet Riot and Blue Öyster Cult guitarist Rudy Sarzo, has recorded a new album for whatever reason:

Sergio Marchionne dead at 66. The former CEO of Fiat Chrysler was raised in Toronto, where he started his career as an accountant before trading up through the auto industry. Marchionne was rarely seen in public without his black pullover sweater.

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Councillor David Shiner gave this name to a street in his Willowdale ward, possibly in honour of his executive assistant turned life partner.

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