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Summertime Fun

Summer is here at last! In between barbecues, pool parties and camping trips, here are a few things you can do to keep your landscape, and family, healthy and happy all summer long.

• Be weed wary. Watch for weeds, especially along sidewalks, curbs and driveways. Warmer soil in these areas tends to encourage weed growth.

• Be safe. Keep any fertilizers or chemicals locked up and out of the reach of children.

• Water trees and shrubs. During the warmer summer months, your trees and shrubs will benefit from a long, slow watering once a week.

• Mow regularly. Mow whenever your lawn needs it. Vary the direction in which you mow to improve your turf's grain, and leave your grass blades longer in hotter weather.

Beating the Heat with Outdoor Cool Spots

Hot summer temperatures can make being outdoors a less than enjoyable experience. But with a little imagination and planning, your property can be transformed into a cool, comfortable retreat from the heat.

Landscaping for Summer Comfort

All of the plants in your landscape are capable of absorbing heat and cooling the air. The trick is to make sure that your outdoor walkways, relaxation or entertainment areas are surrounded by plant life. Shade trees are great for blocking or filtering direct sunlight, and grass acts as a natural outdoor air conditioner.

If you have a deck or patio on your property, you may want to consider adding an overhead trellis or awning to filter the sun and support hanging flower baskets.

Treat Yourself to a Water Feature

Water has soothing, cooling effects no matter what form it takes, and a water feature can be added to your property at surprisingly little cost. Preformed plastic pond shells are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Or, a hole can be dug in your landscape, then lined with sand and a heavy plastic pool liner. Once installed, you may want to add fish; a small, submersible pump to create a fountain or waterfall; or water plants such as lilies.

If you'll be using your outdoor cool spots in the evening, be sure to include lighting features for added ambiance. Low-voltage lighting systems are an easy way to light up your nights cost-effectively. Plus, citronella candles or torches can be used to keep pesky mosquitoes away while adding a pleasing glow to your property.

When it comes to beating the heat this summer, the possibilities for your landscaped properties are many. Do you want to get suggestions customized to your location? Make it a place where people are glad to gather. Contact us for a consultation. Let creativity add a cooling effect to your properties!

Summer Employee Picnic 2012

Our company picnic was held on a beautiful afternoon in June. It was an oppurtunity for our employees and their families to come together to enjoy a day of fun and games, including softball, soccer, and volleyball. We look forward to this every year!

A delicious barbecue was served and everyone, both young and old, had a great time. Many thanks to Upland Borough for the use of Lord Bristol Field.

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