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The future, Mr. Gittes—the future.*

Before we begin, dear reader, this is important:

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Still with me? Excellent. It's going to be good. So, let’s get back to the future, shall we?

Why the new email address?

Antony Hare, P.I.

I’ve been an independent illustrator for nearly a decade, with acting as my online home. But since beginning, the creative work I’ve done has shifted, sometimes dramatically, and so I’ve decided it’s time for a new home, a new email address, and a new, well, beginning.

I’ve always associated what I do—private illustration—with detective work. Through keen observation, as well as an acute sense of a client’s needs and desires, it becomes my
job to deliver the best work possible. Thus, my new domain, It’s where all my business interests spring from.

Watch for the new web site to launch one month from today, on January 21, 2012:

AHPI is a firm not just concerned with art, but influenced by it as well. Therefore there's a great deal of the romantic in my self-promotional work and in my branding. This work is, by its very nature, aspirational. It represents my real aspirations, after all! What are they? To raise my profile, to increase the quality of my work, and to improve as a draftsman. These are my actual goals as plainly as I can write them.

What about Siteway?

Next year, will turn sixteen years old. I registered Siteway when I was 19. In all this time, I've used Siteway both as a personal and professional destination. The time has come, however, to bring Siteway back from the showroom floor and into the R&D wing, where it belongs. In many ways, what I did to Siteway in the mid 2000s was to turn my R&D wing into my showroom. As a result, in addition to my portraits, I've been able to sell not just food & beverage work, but also the comic art of Levitorium to great clients like Tatler and Report on Business. Siteway will still be the seat of creative innovation; only the best AHPI-worthy work will appear on

What Siteway will become I cannot say for sure. Stay tuned.

Fresh vector ink


Hitchorama. Poster for a fictional screening of only raining scenes from Hitchcock's filmography

Stanley Winter

Stanley Winter. My latest Kubrick an architectural gargoyle.

Ad concept

Ad concept for AHPI print campaign, 2012


I am grateful for a career that lets me think and draw. I've been fortunate to be even able to clock these thousands of hours on the drawing board. The benefit of practise is self-evident. Thank you for your support.

Expect issue no. 2 at the end of Q1 2012. Have a great holiday and do let me know what you think of AHPI Quarterly. Know someone who might like it? Forward it.

Best wishes,


*Chinatown (1974)