Pusha T concert melee leads a man to fight for his life. Drake’s recent rap-battle instigator came to the Danforth Music Hall, and some beer-throwing broke out—which Pusha alleged was from people being paid by Drake. Subsequent incidents included a stabbing, apparently amidst fights that broke out as some audience members were fleeing the venue:

Videos are killing the school spirit at St. Mike’s. Extracurricular activities have been cancelled for the rest of 2018, along with exams, as police expand their investigations at the school. One of two newly-surfaced videos has an alleged assault with a belt.

“I expected to see people in handcuffs by now, but at the very least I expect them on CP24 by lunch.” Amidst greater attention paid to Doug Ford’s chief of staff Dean French: the accounts of what he told political aides on the day that weed went legal:

Border guards are getting extra-angry about marijuana. Canadians travelling to a cannabis conference in Las Vegas found U.S. customs to be harsher than expected—one was slapped with a lifetime entry ban. Pot producers hope to bring the disparities in federal and state laws to the White House’s attention by advertising on Fox News.

Missing minutes from Metro Morning. Amidst the continuing crisis at Facebook, columnist Jesse Hirsh wondered on CBC Radio why the public broadcaster relies on Facebook for audience interaction, and why CBC doesn’t push back whenever Mark Zuckerberg’s machine complains about criticism. The segment wasn’t featured in the official audio archive of the show, but it lives on SoundCloud:

Virgin Radio dumped most of its local voices. Nearly all of the Toronto-based DJs repping Richard Branson’s brand at 99.9 FM were pink-slipped by Bell Media. Tucker, the one-named morning anchor, was quite bewildered by his sudden unemployment.

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The Public Health Agency of Canada warns everyone not to eat the stuff until they can figure out whether it’s contributing to another E. coli outbreak.

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