Will Alsop dead at 70. “If I were a politician, I would make a law in every city that everything from the ground to 10 metres and higher should float and not touch the ground." A quote from the British architect in his obituary in The Guardian refers to his famed OCAD commission. Alsop last visited the city to see his TTC stations at Finch West and Pioneer Village:

The unrelenting adventures of the “Despacito” accordion brothers. Keeping tabs on the pair busted for busking on subway cars is getting more complicated: the first is slated for a June 1 court date; the second was ticketed $325 with the option to appear in court. A Reddit user then spotted one of the accordion guys in a confrontation with authorities, but there were no charges since he wasn’t playing at the time. The duo has been squeezing together again, switching it up to “Havana.”

“There's no politician that probably has more support out there for new Canadians. Ford Nation’s full of new Canadians.” Doug Ford responded to outrage about his response to a debate question about immigration in Northern Ontario. Meanwhile, the premier’s camp was promoting a video made by a group called “Women for Wynne.” One of Wynne's staffers shared the spot, leading to some confusion over its origins:

The closing of the most controversial restaurant on Woodbine Beach. Carters Landing, part of the Cara Operations chain restaurant empire, took over a coveted spot on city land at Ashbridges Bay. The arrival of a corporate eatery was irritating to city politicians, who had given a local businessman named George Foulidis a 20-year lease on the land, with the expectation that he'd run an independent restaurant there. Then Foulidis got into a legal fight with his tenant, set to close after Victoria Day.

Drake fulfills a dream of having the 6ix come to the 9. Before announcing his “Aubrey and the Three Amigos” tour, the rapper saved a date for Woodbridge, where Carlo Parentela, owner of the Chateau le Jardin, will enact his Las Vegas-sized dreams with a series of star-studded "supper club" performances, with tickets starting at $1,250. Parentela says he's taking a gamble. “I was sweating. I borrowed $4 million to do this,” he says. “I borrowed the kids’ inheritance!

Rogers Media imagines a post-Hollywood profit margin. The annual U.S. network upfronts provide a reminder that old-school primetime is still being produced—even if demand for the shows has diminished. City TV getting deeper into the bidding for Canadian rights to American shows has proved a financial disaster on par with overpaying to air the NHL. Colette Watson, who was put in charge of trying to tidy up this mess, still has some faith:

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Erin Weir, the MP expelled by the NDP over harassment allegations, has registered himself as a member of the defunct Co-operative Commonwealth Federation.

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