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News from Ecotrust Canada

Moving Forward, 20 Years Strong

From fisheries to forestry, from traceability to technology, we brought our vast and varied expertise to bear on a wide range of important issues in 2014:

  • Electronic fisheries monitoring tools brought more economical, equitable solutions to fisheries management in Maine.
  • The Amp opened its doors to innovative, mission-driven organizations looking for rent secured, collaborative work space.
  • A forest carbon offset program laid the groundwork for mitigating climate change and improving forest management in the traditional territory of the Squamish and Lil'wat First Nations.
  • Local community planning in northern Ontario highlighted alternatives for economic development – using their vast forestlands for more than just timber.

...and that was just the beginning.

2014 Annual Report cover

Marilyn Aceja Uy joined Ecotrust Canada in 2014 as our Finance Director, leading the charge in making Ecotrust’s inner workings more efficient and effective. From budgets to payroll, she keeps our team on a sure-footed financial path. "Ecotrust Canada is unique that it helps communities achieve a long-term goal of economic and environmental sustainability across a number of sectors – to the point that it can be hard to define in which industry it belongs."

"Ecotrust Canada is not afraid of the challenges and hard work because we know the positive effect is worth it all."


Lianne Payne joined Ecotrust Canada in 2014 as our Operations Manager, supporting us in our transition into The Amp’s shared office space. On a typical day, she might take publication orders from Australia and northern Ontario, ship ThisFish tags to Rhode Island and canned salmon to Washington State, receive computer parts that will eventually collect data aboard boats, and mail chaga tea harvested in Quesnel to our partners in Ontario.

"It is a pleasure to support the work of such a diverse, ambitious, devoted staff who are in deep, respectful, and collaborative relationships with communities."


Attention Grad Students

We are looking for four pro-active, dynamic, curious, and driven graduate students to join our team for an eight month paid internship beginning in September 2015.

In our inaugural year, the Urban Economic Innovation Lab, cohosted by SFU/RADIUS and Ecotrust Canada, will work with four core community partners – the DTES Street Market, Potluck Recipes for Success, The Binners Project, and the Carnegie Center – on initiatives aimed at improving the economic wellbeing of inner city residents through interdisciplinary innovation.

The deadline for applications is Sunday, July 26.


In 2014 the world lost many good people. One of my personal favorites was actor and innovator Robin Williams – a man who always seemed able to call out the irony and humour of our human condition. His famous quote “We are only given a little spark of madness, and we mustn’t lose it” rings true for me every day as we go about our crazy work of change-making at Ecotrust Canada. A little spark of madness indeed.

Like the 19 years that preceded it, 2014 was remarkable in many ways, only this year I think we finally hit our stride, entered the big leagues, and figured out what we want to be when we grow up. The work felt different somehow – more sure, more right – like our spark of madness had finally started the fire we’ve been watching for.

Ecotrust Canada turns 20 years old in 2015 and our little bit of madness, which has served us well thus far, shall continue to be our guide and our muse in the years to come. Thank you for the part you play in this journey.


With thanks,

Brenda Kuecks, President