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Plugging in at The Amp

Ridesharing, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding – the sharing economy is big news these days. And in a world where consumption can get out of hand, a little sharing now and then is a good thing. It is in that spirit that we are proud to share our new colocation project in the Hastings Crossing area of downtown Vancouver.

The Amp – its name inspired by our location in the old BC Electric Building – is a creative shared workspace anchored by Ecotrust Canada. The Amp’s mission is to offer supportive, affordable, creative space for mission-driven organizations and businesses working towards positive change.

Nine nonprofit organizations currently call The Amp home, with space for a few more:

With support for guest speakers, collaborative breakout rooms, and an event venue, we’re excited to see what new and inspiring energy our shared space will bring!


Sarah Albertson serves as colocation manager, coordinating activities for the nine organizations that call 425 Carrall home. “A collaborative space like The Amp gives organizations an opportunity to specialize in trades and skills, and then share those skills with each other. There’s a real chance for cross-pollination, and a number of projects and initiatives have already started as a direct result of this space.”

"Being around so many mission-driven people inspires more creative ways of thinking."


We’re thrilled to be anchoring an innovation hub for mission-driven work. The Amp is proof that economic alternatives aren’t just needed in remote communities – downtown Vancouver sorely needs a more supportive, affordable environment for nonprofits.

Please consider a donation this holiday season. With your support, we’ll continue to electrify good works throughout the city.


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