Doug Ford's squad appears to be fighting a social media war. Twitter removed an informational account called Doug Ford Facts for violating its policies on impersonation, and the same thing happened earlier to another Doug Ford parody account. Meanwhile, a poll shows DoFo not much more “worthy of consideration” with voters than Desmond Cole or Drake. Still, the Ford Nation social media activity continues. Doug is collecting the names and contact information of people who want city council to reconsider Rob's stadium naming—which may be a violation of Ontario election law.

"We don't always have the same policy prescriptions to do that, but in our desire to help the middle class and those working hard to join it we always find common ground." Justin Trudeau continued his diplomatic way of discussing Donald Trump in the presence of Ivanka during a gala celebrating Fortune’s list of the Most Powerful Women. Nonetheless, the PM admitted that he'd much rather talk about his own socks.

Jagmeet Singh is already resorting to hair-related soundbites. Perhaps to distract from being grilled about his non-response on the Air India bombings, the NDP leader turned up to a campaign event for a Quebec by-election with boasts about the lustrous mane beneath his turban—suggesting that its superiority to the PM’s will be revealed at a public event. Singh recently took his turban off at Queen's Park for the Rick Mercer Report, and revealed his bedhead while recording a CBC podcast:

Rupi Kaur’s poetry inspires some strange rage. The local launch of the Instagram poet’s new book on Saturday night even drew out Jagmeet Singh—and the book has now reached a reported two million in worldwide sales. Another sign of certified success: a New York Times styles section piece dedicated to deconstructing the backlash. But you know she’s really made it when a writer like Porochista Khakpour, a slam poet turned novelist, calls Kaur "the whitest poet I have ever read."

McDonald’s Canada is apologizing to everyone about the Szechuan sauce. After hordes of Rick and Morty fans stormed golden arches across America, only to be let down by scant supplies of the 1998 Mulan-branded flavour, local Deadmau5 concert-goers each got a Chicken McNugget to dunk in a drop from a bottle of the sauce that the DJ bought in a charity auction for $15,350. But while the stateside outrage was abated by U.S. McD’s promising a proper return this winter, the chain's Canadian tweeter replied to every last Twitter gripe about the sauce's domestic elusiveness:

Toronto journalist is way too distracted for the Tamagotchi. Andrew Liszewski of Gizmodo got to test the virtual pet, a modern-day revival of the original 1997 Japanese model. But he faceplanted on the parenting process, so his digital friend only lived from Saturday morning through Monday afternoon. “The occasional quiet beeps the Tamagotchi made to notify me when too much virtual poop had piled up were completely drowned out,” he writes, because there’s no way to hear them over the notifications from a smartwatch:

Alex Trebek bristles at the Star's claim that he’s waiting for Austin Rogers to lose. Johanna Schneller, who writes the “What I’m Watching” column for Metro, doesn't get a lot of space on the page for her screen-based observations. But claiming that the Jeopardy! host resents Rogers, a hipster Brooklyn bartender who is the show's latest reigning champion, garnered a rebuke from Trebek himself: “Because you are a fellow Canadian I will respond politely…you are totally off base,” he replied from vacation in the Galapagos Islands. “Austin was fun to be with, and slightly irreverent.” (Rogers will be shown vying for his 12th straight win tonight.)

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The word has been removed from all job titles at the Toronto District School Board out of respect for Indigenous people—even though the word is Latin in origin.

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