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Dear Raven customer,

It's Raven's Community Manager Courtney Seiter, here with your highlights for May.

We have major news—including new Raven employees you'll want to know—plus a reminder of Raven's free resources.


What's brand new at Raven

Jeanne McRedmond

• 3 Raven employees: At Raven, we make not always take ourselves seriously, but we take our customer care very seriously. Find out who we’ve hired to help take care of you (ok, and one person just for us) >>

• CRM for SEO and social media: On Tuesday, we released a Contact Relationship Manager. A large part of the future of Internet marketing is relationship building, and Raven's new CRM is an important tool to help you do that. Learn more from our announcement >> or Sign up for today's free webinar >>

• Unlimited Users: Last week, we announced a few major changes for accounts. Agency accounts get unlimited users—yes, from 8 to unlimited. Pro and Trial accounts get double the users, from 2 to 4. All this, and we didn't raise the base monthly price of Raven for anyone. Learn how this benefits your team >>


Raven's free tools

Competitive SEO Analysis

• Competitive SEO Analysis: Is it time to check in on your competitors? Don't forget this smart method and checklist >>

• GA Config: Having trouble getting the right code for your basic Google Analytics needs? This site automatically configures code for setting up Google Analytics on your site, as well as setting up Goals and KPIs. SEOs, webmasters and developers, you’ll want to bookmark it now >>

• Schema Creator: It’s entirely possible—no, definitely true—that structured microdata is even more complicated to understand than Google Analytics . . . ergo, Raven’s Schema Creator. You can create a schema and then copy and paste the code directly to your site. Bookmark it >>


Social strategies

Break the social media rules

I wouldn’t be a good community manager if I didn’t talk about social at least a little in every newsletter, right?

Break the rules: How to create your social media strategy

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Best Regards,

Courtney Seiter, Community Manager

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