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Effective marketing happens when you align your message with those who are looking for what you offer. In the last issue, we discussed how a solid messaging strategy tells audiences why they should choose you. Now, focus on attracting the right audience to get more response.

Defining your audiences
Once you’ve got the why, concentrate on the who. To connect with the right people, know who they are and what motivates them. Don’t try to be all things to all people. We are all overwhelmed daily by thousands of ads and messages.

To break through, know your audience—what they value, what they look for—and place your message where they’re looking. Our audience definition worksheet helps you define your targets, then focus on the benefits you provide.

The Millennials are here
Gen Y/Millennials, born in the mid ‘80s and now 80 million strong, are digital natives who crave authenticity. This generation, which will be 26% of the workforce by 2014, is shaping how and where we communicate and market.

Their influence is being seen in everything from TV ads and movies to website design and social media growth. They’re not a generation you can ignore, no matter what business you’re in. We’ll touch more on this in our next issue.

Here are a few helpful resources to get you thinking:
    > Learn more about the importance of targeted messaging on our website.
    > Read our blog post on the influence of Millennials, and how they shape the way we communicate.
    > Download our generational perspectives guidelines to see how the different generations are motivated and choose to respond.
    > Read more about how strong messaging can help your brand rise above the chaos.

Now that you’ve got the message and the audience, our next issue will help you uncover the how and where audiences choose to connect with your brand.

When it’s time to get more response to your marketing, or to reach new audiences give us a call toll-free 866.363.4433, or drop us an email.

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