The SCAP2020 Commitment continues to gain momentum and now has 35 members. Signatories and supporters of the Commitment include 10 retailers (who together represent 40% of UK retail sales) and 10 collectors, recyclers and charities. 

Using WRAP’s Footprint Calculator Tool and supported by the Metrics working group, SCAP signatories are measuring their carbon, water and waste footprints. The 2012 data form the baseline against which individual signatories will measure environmental savings. These data also underpin decisions on the overall targets for the SCAP2020 Commitment. Targets are due to be announced at the end of the year.

Need support to trial a Resource Efficient Business Model?

WRAP is inviting businesses and other organisations to take part in an exciting new project to evaluate the commercial viability of alternative business models.

Are you interested in exploring different and profitable ways of working that can help you to access new markets and reduce business risk (for example hire, rental and buy-back for resale)?

If so, the REBus project can help you to develop a detailed business case and provide support to pilot new initiatives.

Register your interest in free training

By popular demand, WRAP will be offering another round of resource efficiency workshops for retailers and brands. The full-day training is a unique opportunity for designers and specifiers to learn about ways to reduce the environmental impact of the clothes they design, buy and sell.

The workshops will take place early next year and places are limited. Register your interest today.

Design Working Group

The group will shortly be launching the Clothing Knowledge Hub – an online portal designed to help inspire UK clothing retailers, their supply chains, and end of life organisations. Watch this video to find out more about the project or register your interest in our free training.

Get involved:

  • We’re looking for new members. Get in touch if you design or source clothing in the UK or have technical expertise in clothing production.
  • Find out more about the longevity protocol - an agreed common approach to specify garments against key performance criteria.

Re-use & Recycling Working Group

For SCAP members based in Wales, WRAP is seeking applications to establish and operate a number of pilot projects aimed at increasing the re-use, repair and leasing of textiles.

WRAP is looking to establish a number of demonstration projects aimed at increasing the collection of recycling grade textiles for recycling (including clothing and non-clothing items such as curtains and bed linen).

We are also building on existing research to evaluate the commercial opportunities for end markets for rag and fibre textiles in the UK and overseas.

Influencing Consumer Behaviours Working Group

Working with WRAP, the group has developed a consumer facing brand to influence the way consumers in the UK purchase, use and dispose of their clothing.

Brand guidelines and other resources will shortly be available to SCAP2020 signatories and supporters, and a consumer website is planned for the New Year. Contact us if you would you like to use this brand.

WRAP Annual conference

The 2013 conference will focus on WRAP’s vision for what the UK could achieve by 2020 and highlight the steps market-leading companies are already taking on the path to circular economy.

Keynote speakers include Amanda Sourry (Unilever), Matt Simister (Tesco); Dr Janez Potočnik (European Union), and Adriana Zacarias Farah (United Nations Environment Programme). The conference will be live streamed, register for further details.