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April 2015

April eNews

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. Here is the latest in WA's community mental health scene.

In this issue

  1. Message from Rod Astbury
  2. Mental Health Week theme announced
  3. WAAMH submission to 10 year plan released
  4. New membership options
  5. VACANCY: Join the Mental Health Week Steering Committee
  6. Be part of the action - Mental Health Week sponsorships open
  7. Heathcote grants now open!
  8. Media on the National Mental Health Review
  9. Training opportunities
  10. Peer Work and its strengths in service delivery – A series of workshops
  11. Power of Peer Work Forum
  12. Do you have lived experience with an OCD diagnosis?
  13. Addressing Mental Health
  14. Change management versus change leadership
  15. Shining the light on Personality Disorders
  16. Hunter puts prevention first
  17. Mental health and the Australian Defence Force

Message from Rod Astbury

THE National Disability Insurance Scheme has been a strategic priority for WAAMH since the decision was made to include psycho-social disability in the trials.

WAAMH prepared a position paper on the NDIS which attracted unprecedented input from our members and has guided WAAMH’s activity at a state and national level.

We are very happy to advise that with financial assistance from the Disability Services Commission, we will be facilitating a Community of Practice in the Lower South West and Cockburn Kwinana trial sites which will facilitate learning by services, consumers, families and other stakeholders on effective psycho-social disability support through NDIS/My Way.

At a national level, WAAMH is managing a project funded by the NDIA to consult with services, consumers and services to identify the individual supports specific to psycho-social disability. We are looking forward to involving our members in the consultation process in the coming months.

Rod Astbury
Chief Executive Officer
WA Association for Mental Health

Mental Health Week theme announced

THIS year, WAAMH has selected the Act-Belong-Commit message as its official theme for Mental Health Week 2015.

Mentally Healthy WA, which developed the Act-Belong-Commit campaign, will work closely with the Mental Health Week Steering Committee to bring the WA community a wide range of resources, activities, and engaging events for 2 - 10 October 2015.

Act-Belong-Commit is based on the notion that being active, having a sense of belonging and having purpose in life all contribute to better mental health.

"We chose Act-Belong-Commit as our Mental Health Week theme this year because it has a strong community presence and a good synergy with Mental Health Week's aims to improve community wellbeing," WAAMH CEO Rod Astbury said.

"The Act-Belong-Commit message is versatile and relevant to a wide range of workplaces, schools, families, ages, and cultures because people can draw on the theme and decide what activities work best for them."

Read full Media Release here.

WAAMH submission to 10 year plan released

AFTER much public consultation, feedback, discussion and our online and face-to-face deliberative democracy process, WAAMH has presented its Submission on the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 to the Mental Health Commission.

Read our Submission here.

New membership options

WAAAMH's membership categories have expanded and now offer a range of options to suit every need.

Full memberships options for mental health organisations will remain the same, although now include a special offer where WANADA members can receive 20% off their fee, in order to support collaborative practice, due to the frequent co-occurrence of mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

There is still both an unwaged and waged full membership option for people who have a lived experience as a consumer, carer or family member.

Associate membership is open to individuals and organisations.  

Organisations which identify as a corporate, government, tertiary, not-for-profit, small business or school entity, now have unique categories.

Individuals can choose to become an associate member as a supporter or as a professional member if their work relates to mental health.

View all our membership benefits and options here.

VACANCY: Join the Mental Health Week Steering Committee

THERE are two spaces free on the Mental Health Week 2015 Steering Committee.

If you are interested in expanding your mental health promotion network and being involved in organising one of the biggest and longest running health campaigns in Australia, then we want to hear from you.

Applicants must be able to commit to one one-hour meeting per month, and be hands on helping with Mental Health Week in the first week of October.

Join a room full of talented, driven and creative individuals who help bring the mental health awareness campaign to life for the whole community.

If you identify as being a consumer of mental health services or a family member or carer, then we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Please email your details, expression of interest, and what you can bring to the group to

Be part of the action - Mental Health Week sponsorships open

Now in its 48th year, Mental Health Week is one of the most recognised and longest running community health campaigns in Western Australia. In 2015, we are hosting a range of targeted events engaging a broad dissection of the public during 2 – 10 October 2015.

This year, we’re hosting a Comedy Night in partnership with His Majesty’s Theatre featuring a popular, young and dynamic comedian as part of the Opening Ceremony; a Sunday beach sports day; film shows, and youth-focused activities, plus seminars aimed at parents and workplaces.

Maximise your exposure to thousands of Western Australians and align your brand with better outcomes for mental health in the community, through our diverse range of sponsorship opportunities to suit every budget.

View Sponsorship Prospectus here.

Heathcote grants now open!

IF you live with a mental illness that is reducing your quality of life or know someone that is, then we'd like to offer some relief.

Every year WAAMH gifts up to $300 for individuals and up to $400 for mental health agencies, to plan a project or activity to enhance people's wellbeing.

Grant applications are now open and entries close 4pm, Friday, 29 May 2015.

Find out more here.

Download Application Form.

Media on the National Mental Health Review

THIS week, ABC News published a leaked summary of the National Mental Health Review report, including its recommendations.

It appears the federal review charts a very similar future direction for mental health as the WA government's Ten Year Plan, in shifting the balance of services to earlier intervention and pre-crisis responses.

WAAMH has emphasised the importance of the Federal Government engaging the sector at all levels in its response to the report.

Read WAAMH's Media Release here.

Training opportunities

WE'RE bringing the following professional development courses your way in May:

5 May 2015:        Recording Consumer Information
7 May 2015:        Mental Health Responses
12 May 2015:      Behaviour Interventions
13 May 2015:      Mental Health Advocacy
19 May 2015:      Mental Health Communication
20 May 2015:      Mindfulness
29 May 2015:      Mental Health Bill


Peer Work and its strengths in service delivery – A series of workshops

PEER Workers are advocated for as part of the actions outlined in the consultation draft of the WA Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 particularly in relation to System Navigation and Workforce.

In light of this, WAAMH's series of workshops will enable mental health organisations take up the opportunities outlined in the consultation draft of the Plan

Through these workshops, facilitated by Vivien Kemp and Sue Jackson, you will be provided with the most up to date materials to ease the implementation challenges of culture, values and practice when implementing peer work roles.

Starting on Friday 24 April, 2015 you will be guided through the following workshops:

• Workshop 1: Friday 24 April 2015 - Peer work and its strengths in service delivery
• Workshop 2: Friday 22 May 2015 - Developing a peer work program in your organisation (Part 1)
• Workshop 3: Friday 26 June 2015 - Developing a peer work program in your organisation (Part 2)
• Workshop 4: Friday 24 July 2015  - How to be an effective peer supervisor
• Workshop 5: Friday 21 August 2015 - Adapting to the peer landscape

As noted by the National Mental Health Commission, with the release of the Mental Health Peer Work training and assessment materials, the peer workforce is arguably the fastest growing workforce in mental health in Australia so WAAMH’s series of workshops will enable you to implement a peer program in your organisation.

If you would like further information about these workshops, visit our workshops page:

Power of Peer Work Forum

TALKING peer work, the Palmerston, Outcare, and DAWN Capacity Building (PODCaB) Project is presenting a free community forum on the importance of peer work on 22 April.

Malcolm Dix, who is a ‘recovering’ social worker and stand up comedian with 20 years’ experience in presenting to diverse, wonderful and challenging audiences, will appear as the forum's MC.

Register here.

Do you have lived experience with an OCD diagnosis?

WE want to hear from people with firsthand experience living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you have OCD, know of someone that does, work with people who are affected, or are a qualified professional in this space, then please get in touch. 

There is an opportunity to participate in an interview with a popular WA-based newspaper, so they can shed more light on this issue and inform the public.

Please email or phone Brooke Johns at WAAMH on 9420 7277 for more details or to be involved in the interview.

Your input helps us to dispel myths, reduce stigma and share the facts on mental health issues.

Addressing Mental Health

THE Committee for Economic Development (CEDA) of Australia is holding an event to launch its research report on the impacts of mental health condition on individuals, organisations and the economy.

CEDA’s panel of leaders will discuss the following questions:

  • Is current government policy and funding adequate?
  • How can we address current shortcoming and be more effective in addressing mental health issues?
  • How can we overcome the stigma and discrimination faced by those with a mental health condition?
  • What role can individual leaders and organisations play?

All guests will receive a complimentary copy of Addressing entrenched disadvantage in Australia.

WAAMH members are entitled to discounted CEDA member rates.

View more event details and register here.

Change management versus change leadership

A THOUGHT provoking piece on Change Management vs Change Leadership was sent into WAAMH from one of our subscribers for you all to enjoy.

If this clip is not working on your browser, the link is here:

Shining the light on Personality Disorders

WHAT are Personality Disorders and how are they treated?

We have sourced a couple of good references on Personality Disorders, including the Project Air Strategy.

The Conversation:

Project Air:

Hunter puts prevention first

NEW South Wales based Hunter Institute of Mental Health has unveiled its Prevention First publication which provides a national framework strategic action to prevent mental ill-health and promote mental health and wellbeing.

More on Prevention First at:

Mental health and the Australian Defence Force

WE all know how important it is to look after the mental heath wellbeing of our Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel who have returned from combat, peacekeeping or other deployment.

Further highlighting this need, the Foreign Affairs Defence Force holding an inquiry into the mental health of ADF serving personnel and seeking suitable members to sit on its standing committee.

The committee's focus will be on the mental health support, evaluation and counselling services provided by Defence and Department of Veterans Affairs, and the identification and disclosure policies of the ADF in relation to mental ill-health and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This is NOT a position to address individual cases of mental ill-health and (PTSD among ADF personnel who have returned from combat, peacekeeping or other overseas deployment.

Submissions to this inquiry close on 26 June 2015.

Read the terms of reference and apply here:

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