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You have to love nature to do what we do. We enjoy the trees, the shrubs, and, believe it or not, even the hard work. It's why we started in this business. We apply our years of education and experience, plus our understanding of the local weather, soils and plants, to every job. This means we can prevent problems and treat those that do appear in the most responsible way. By eliminating the "hit-or-miss" approach, your property stays healthier and more beautiful. Truly professional care is the best way to keep our earth green...not just for today, but for the future generations to come. We look forward to working with you during the growing season ahead!

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Pruning Keeps Your Landscape
Looking Sharp

Pruning is a regular, important part of keeping your flowering plants healthy, contained and looking their best. The right time depends on when the flowers appear.

Plants that bloom in early spring on old wood (or growth from the previous season) should be pruned a week or two after flowers drop. Those that bloom in late summer on stem growth from the current growing season shouldn't be pruned until they're dormant.

It's good to regularly maintain your shrubs, because pruning removes diseased and damaged plant parts, helps air circulate and sunlight get in, and stops structural problems in future plant growth. Flowering plants, in particular, produce more flowers and fruit when pruned at the right time.

Pruning Tips for Flowering Trees

With their floral beauty and seasonal interest, flowering trees can make any landscape stand out from the crowd. To ensure that these "stand-outs" provide a spectacular show from year to year, proper pruning is essential.

If you have summer-flowering trees (with blooms occurring on new wood produced in the spring), pruning should be done in the winter or early spring. This will encourage a healthy growing environment for new buds. On the other hand, spring-flowering trees (with blooms occurring on wood produced in the summer) should be pruned in the early spring after the plants have bloomed.

Crabapple, dogwood, Japanese maple and cherry are all examples of flowering trees that will benefit from good pruning practices. These trees have a tendency to grow quickly, and regular pruning will help to reduce stress and promote more uniform, healthy growth. The removal of dead, diseased or broken branches as they appear will also improve tree health and help to prevent injury to people or property from falling limbs.

Drainage Solutions

Summertime is a very good time to correct a drainage problem that has been nagging from October through May.

How do drainage problems show themselves?

Water collects in areas in excess amounts. It could be a parking lot, athletic field, lawn or landscaped area, turf or a basement.

Perhaps a specific area is too flat and does not contain proper ways for water to dissipate or run off. The area holds water and a drainage issue arises. There are many reasons to seek a solution for drainage issues. Remember - standing water can damage plants and flowers, and flood basements. Standing water can also create an unhealthy environment as it can be a nesting area for mosquitoes and flies. It can also create potholes and hazardous icy areas in parking lots during the winter.

Summer, and the dry soil conditions it brings, allows us to be able to dig in with the best solutions for you. For example, it is an ideal time for us to build trenches or install a swale for positive drainage.

Once your drainage solution is complete, mid-August to mid-October is a very suitable time of year to restore any damaged turf or landscape areas.

If you have a nagging drainage problem, feel free to call for a consultation.




From Mike Caramanico

In my work, I really enjoy solving problems for people and helping them find cost effective solutions. Each situation is unique and allows for creative problem solving. I have always liked working outside and I love having a hand in seeing projects come to fruition. Most of all, I enjoy building relationships with customers and helping them to reach their goals.

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