Justin Trudeau cabinet shuffle implicitly admits to an electoral reform bungle. The moves include Maryam Monsef getting the Status of Women file after her stint as democratic institutions minister crashed into an equation. Meanwhile, a Chatelaine reader survey result bolsters the case for the Liberals preserving a balloting system that lets a candidate win with under 50 per cent of the votes:

Patrick Brown turns his speech impediment past into future promise. The Ontario PC leader is trying to change the channel from sex education to his childhood stuttering struggles. A new commercial finds him pledging never to give up on you, because others never gave up on him.

Workin’ Moms-mania about to take over the nation. Reviews for Catherine Reitman’s sitcom, premiering tonight, range from “reeks of privilege and entitlement” (John Doyle) to “spit-from-your-sippy cup funny” (Rebecca Eckler). None of the CBC-connected people at last night’s TIFF Lightbox sneak peek screening had a bad word to say about a Hollywood habitué getting prime time on the public broadcaster. After all, it's their family business:

Will the PM rule that CTV Super Bowl spots are of “urgent importance”? Section 26 (2) of the Broadcasting Act allows him to make this call. Bloomberg News cites a source saying this is the only way left for Bell executives to override a CRTC decision that forbids them from substituting Canadian ads for American ones during the Super Bowl. The CRTC's ruling is being championed by those who think Canadian networks should sink or swim on their own merit, and decried by football fans who appreciated the bathroom breaks.

Galloping Gourmet star found alive. Graham Kerr, whose mildly lascivious cooking show, produced at Ottawa’s CJOH-TV, made him a worldwide star (and Cancon fixture) in the early-’70s, gets a New York Times profile at his current home in Mount Vernon, Washington. Following a car crash that derailed production, Kerr’s born-again Christianity led him to rail against his former self-indulgence. “I used to call doughnuts ‘edible pornography,’ and I’d think I was doing the world a favour,” he said.

The truth about Prince’s brief Toronto life is about to be exposed. The singer's ex-wife and Bridle Path housemate, Manuela Testolini, has appealed an unsealing of their divorce records in response to a Minneapolis media request, saying the documents would make her susceptible to harassment. But, since a judge overruled her, they’ll be revealed on Friday, on the heels of an inventory of Prince's unusual financial assets. Soon after the decision, Testolini went to Malawi to dedicate a school built with donations from fans—a campaign boosted by the co-star of Purple Rain:

American Apparel is now even more Canadian. Gildan Activewear, of Montreal, put up $88 million for the bankrupt brand founded by Montreal native Dov Charney, ending speculation that Amazon would buy it and let Donald Trump boast about saving 4,500 jobs. But AA's retail stores aren’t part of Gildan's plan. Charney is now readying the manufacturing floor for his new non-label, That’s Los Angeles.

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The 20-year-old alleged culprit of a string of brazen midtown bank robberies, Michael Lilly, has been nabbed.

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