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NBAA Recap

NBAA-BACE Delivers Once Again

Inspiring keynotes, American heroes, the next generation of business aviation. Oh, and beautiful aircraft displays. NBAA did not disappoint. It never does. Here’s a sampling of our experience.

Better Travel

There may be better ways to travel, but none come to mind. A benefit of living in the Air Capital is friends with jets. Thanks for the lift, Jack DeBoer.

NBAA Represents

NBAA represents more than 11,000 member companies. NBAA-BACE 2018 drew roughly 1,000 exhibitors. By the end of the show, we feel like we've engaged with every one of them.

Aviation Partners

Aviation Partners, Inc.'s split scimitar winglets are now standard on all new Boeing 737NB aircraft.

Family Reunion

Being part of a business-aviation family makes most NBAA events a true family reunion. Most of you know Vice President Ashley Bowen Cook’s papa, the renown air-to-air photographer Paul Bowen. Everyone in the industry probably also knows photo stylist Gail Bowen. She’s hard to miss.


New FlightSafety International co-CEOs David Davenport and Ray Johns led a heartfelt celebration for Bruce Whitman.


90 Years of Leadership

USAIG used NBAA-BACE to continue its yearlong celebration of 90 years of aviation insurance leadership. Sonia and Paul Ratte took time to share the successes of the safety posters it runs in Aviation International News and online. USAIG’s big NBAA-BACE announcement was FlightSafety International becoming part of its Performance Vector safety initiative. A broad selection of its eLearning courses will now be available to USAIG policyholders.


Good News Just Got Better

As SmartSky Networks rolls out its innovative, SmartSky 4G LTE air-to-ground network, its working to create a powerful inflight environment through partnerships. At NBAA-BACE, SmartSky announced a collaboration with FDS Avionics that will give customers the industry’s fastest internet, best inflight entertainment and most immersive moving-map technology.

King Aerospace GE

25th Anniversary Plus GE Deal

King Aerospace Commercial Corporation and GE Aviation finalized a deal making King a GE OnPoint™ service center, a nice bit of timing for King as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. The multiyear agreement includes aircraft engine maintenance and repair for CFM56-7B-powered BBJs.

King Aerospace

Father and son, Chairman and Founder Jerry King and President Jarid King. With the support of an incredible team, these two have built something good.

Boeing Business Jet

A girl can dream. This cutaway meticulously recreates the luxurious interior of a Boeing Business Jet.

Quest Aircraft Kodiak

Quest Aircraft’s utilitarian high-wing, single-engine Kodiak can take you almost anywhere.

X-Jet Prototype

Williams International created this 1980s-era X-Jet prototype, but never took it into production. Flying 60-80 mph, we wish it had. Think how great it would be to have this step-saver at the static.

Airbus EC130 T2

Sonia and Ashley were especially taken with this Airbus EC130 T2. With room for up to seven passengers, it could have transported all of our team attending NBAA18.

News You Can Use

BizAv Means More Than Business at NBAA-BACE

Our base in the Air Capital led us to aviation. But it’s the people who tie us to this unique industry. Jet-setting entrepreneurs turning ideas into deals. Pilots whose hands twitch when too long from the yoke. Technicians who thrive on the precision required by every aircraft interaction. Sales directors who spout the math that makes an aircraft work on a balance sheet, but then tell you the real reason you gotta have that jet, that prop, that helicopter. Analysts who digest data like dinner.

Connect the Dots

Connecting the Dots Between Marketing and Sales

Over the last several months in conversation with clients and prospects alike, this is a common statement: “I just need someone to help connect the dots.” What dots exactly? Marketing tactics. An online presence that includes a website, social media, online advertising, video, email and content marketing. Offline tactics, including brochures, direct mail and tradeshows. The phones are ringing, and you might have a bot chatting away.