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This is your Captain Speaking

After the success of 2008 when WARC jagged the B and C pennants and was narrowly beaten by ANA for the club of the year, we have our work cut out for us this coming season.

The good news is, we already have everything we need to make ’09 a great season for Westies – athletes old and new (and old and young!), new boats, new office bearers and renewed enthusiasm.

I’m looking forward to the challenge and I can only assume you are as well if the number of athletes currently getting out on the water (despite dodgy wind conditions!) is anything to go by. Or perhaps it’s just everyone is trying to work off a bit of Christmas excess…?

Either way, it is fantastic that there are so many of you going through your paces in the (so-called) “off-season”: Keep it up!


The new email for the captain is Please do not use any more… we’re having technical difficulties with that address.

Lord Mayor's Cup

You should have already received the first newsletter and registration pack for the Lord mayor’s Cup regatta. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the LMC, and the event is crucial to keeping WARC afloat (in a financial sense). Crews need to be registered by February 5 – only a month away. Please get registration forms in to Helen as soon as possible.

It has long been an understanding that being a member of WARC in whatever capacity comes with the responsibility of being involved in the Lord Mayor’s Cup. It’s not a huge ask and when we consider the benefits – 2008 raised somewhere in the vicinity of $24,000 – it is crucial everyone gets involved.

It is singularly Westies most important, competitor-supported fundraiser and without it, we would not have four new, absolute first-class boats arriving in January (more about that below).

Every member is expected to help out with the LMC by coaching at least one crew and taking on a role on the day of the regatta. If you’re a bit nervous about coaching, fear not: we have a very structured support network to “coach the coaches” and any athlete who rows at a competitive level at WARC definitely has the skills to coach a LMC crew.

Please email Deirdre at with your preferred day to coach a crew or crews. If everyone puts up their hand to assist, it makes the job far easier.

On a personal note, this will be my fifth (I think) Lord Mayor’s Cup regatta and I can tell you, it is enormously rewarding to take a crew of complete novices from not knowing one end of an oar from the other, to competing in a sprint regatta a matter of weeks later.

You’ll meet some great people, and some potentially great athletes. Just like our Men’s VC for 2009 Mike Jones, who joined WARC after being roped into last year’s LMC.


Learn To Row

The next LTR course is starting on 31 January. The application form will be sent out separately to this email, please forward it on to anyone who is interested in learning to row.

Please also consider volunteering to assist with the LTR program. If you can help with coaching a session or two (particularly the guys this time around) that would be very much appreciated and will help spread the load.

If you are interest in doing a Level 1 this year, the hours you put into coaching our Learn to Row course can be retrospectively applied to your hour requirements for the L1, so keep that in mind as well.


Busy Bee

Please put Saturday, January 17 in your diary for the “eagerly awaited” busy bee. As I am sure you are aware, the Club is in dire need of a serious cleanup.

With everyone pitching in, this should take only an hour or two.

Various boats will be taken out of the shed to be cleaned and serviced on the day. This will be coordinated by Michael Jones.

Please pitch in and help get the Club and the fleet into a fit state for the commencement of the season.

New Boats Arriving Soon!

OK, now I have nagged you to death, some brilliant news regarding Westies ever more impressive fleet.
Toward the end of January ‘09, we will see the arrival of:

1 ex-AIS HW single
2 ex-AIS double/pairs
1 brand spanking new HW coxed 4 (pictured on the left, get excited!)


The arrival of these top end boats is a serious boon to the Club and contributes to an already enviable fleet.
The serious part is that there is close to $40,000 still outstanding to pay on them (!).

If you are considering making a tax effective donation to the Club, please refer to my earlier email or contact Nick Reid (treasurer) at for any information you need to make a donation.

These boats will benefit all athletes, from the top end to novices as the boats are rotated through the ranks and better equipment becomes available to the less experienced members.


As you may be aware, for 2009, RWA have introduced rules related to each club’s obligation to provide umpires for regattas throughout the season. In short, if we do not provide enough umpiring hours over the season, Westies may lose the right to compete at regattas, including States.

At the moment, Westies has three people sharing the umpiring load across the regattas, one of whom is also a competitive member.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the sport of rowing and would like to take part in umpire training (and help Westies out in a significant way), please email me at and I will put your name forward for the umpiring course that is due to take place toward the end of January.

The course is a few hours in duration, followed by training at regattas throughout the season – as few or as many as you are comfortable with. Importantly, your regatta training hours count toward Westies total umpiring hours, so you contribute your assistance in a meaningful way almost immediately.

New Westies Website

The new WA Rowing Club website has been launched: check it out at

Many, many thanks to Dylan McEvoy, the team at Thinking Digital and Peta Rule for the fantastic work they've put in.

Keep an eye on the website throughout the year for news, photos and all other things Westies.


It is with considerable regret that we bid (temporary) farewell to some fantastic members of the Westies family in 2009.

Janelle Austin, Dee Samutt, Peta Rule, Peter Tomic, Phillipa Colby and Roland Shepherd are on their way to Malaysia, France, India, Singapore (via Mauritius), the UK and the world respectively. Westies wish you all the adventure and happiness that your sojourns are bound to bring you.

Play safe, find somewhere to row and come back to us as soon as you can!

For the Diary...

Jan 17 – Busy Bee!
Jan 30(ish) – NEW BOATS ARRIVE! (woohoo!)
Jan 31 – Next LTR course starts
Feb 5 – LMC registrations due
March 2 – LMC coaching begins


The club sells chocolate frogs and assorted other health food as a fundraiser. This is a significant contributor to the club’s bottom line. If you take a box to work, I guarantee your workmates will love you for it.

Tenille Scott is the Freddo liaison officer. She has boxes of them mixed and ready for you to sell (or eat yourself).

Contact Tenille on and she will get you a box or two asap.

And that's the lot! If you have any questions or comments about the newsletter, please email or call the captain, David Winch on 0438 383 212. Cheers!


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