“I live with five women at home; I can handle Caroline Mulroney and Christine Elliott.” Doug Ford’s latest quotable quote on the Ontario PC leadership campaign trail could’ve been worse. “It’s Time to Clean Up This Mess” is now his slogan. (It echoes the sentiments of interim leader Vic Fedeli about the PC party itself.) And, if that’s not concise enough for social media advertising, DoFo can always spin somebody else’s words at their son:

"Peoplekind" of a drag on the PM’s stateside reputation.There’s a lot else wrong with Justin Trudeau,” opines progressive-minded young millennial Molly Roberts of the Washington Post. Meanwhile, the PM's meeting with Jeff Bezos—presumably related to Toronto’s bid for Amazon HQ2—will take place behind closed doors in Silicon Valley. But an Axe Files podcast interview, during which Trudeau spoke candidly with David Axelrod in Chicago, reveals a more likeable voice than the strained one he musters in the face of town halls.

Peter Kent is the dad Andrew Scheer may rather not have. What he has going for him—compared to Scheer, a Conservative leader struggling to articulate why he should be prime minister—is that Trudeau once stood up in the House of Commons to call Kent a “piece of shit.” His recent streak of vengeance includes never letting go of the issues surrounding the PM’s ethics law violation, with a meme for any message you want to photoshop:

Just For Laughs founder strikes back at #MeToo. Gilbert Rozon left Just For Laughs after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced last October. But a plan to sell his JFL shares led to an injunction from Quebecor—and a court date at which Rozon told reporters that he never had sex with anyone against their will. Concurrently, the accusations levelled by Sarah Thomson against Steve Paikin can perhaps be turned into a teachable moment, though they appear unlikely to have any impact on his career: Paikin has just been appointed to moderate the first Ontario PC leadership debate.

Remaking an ancient office complex for the age of WeWork. A proposal to replace the two smaller buildings in Commerce Court with a 64-storey office tower and glass pavilion got a glimpse at the Toronto Design Review Panel. At issue is the idea of restoring the complex's two larger buildings while incorporating the open space coveted in co-working environments. With CIBC getting ready to move to a new HQ a few blocks south, there’s a need to attract fresh tenants, even if the 100-year-old architect of the existing alignment ends up somewhat damned.

Proposal to block stream pirates isn’t liked by folks who complain about such things. “Would you like them to continue to make Game of Thrones?,” Bell Media president Randy Lennox asks. “Who's going to do that if you decide to watch it with no deference to economics?” It's a question that has led to many thousands of letters to the CRTC about an entertainment industry proposal to effectively end net neutrality in Canada. Michael Geist, the eternal opponent of such notions, is taking the Liberal government decision to avoid taxing digital services as a clue that status quo will sustain:

Viceland becomes a $100 million sinkhole. The reported $5.7-billion valuation of Vice Media is up for discussion after quarterly results showed that the struggles of its cable TV channel are cutting into revenue targets. Rogers Media will pull the plug on Viceland Canada soon. Vice has promised other video platforms will emerge, starting with a new opioid crisis documentary produced with CTV's W5.

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