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Storm Aftermath

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we see lives changed amid much devastation. At times like this we are reminded of the importance of family, home and community. Though it may be a long process, we wish a full recovery for those impacted in any way. Our own storm preparations included moving trucks and equipment out of harm's way. Our garages and office are located near Chester Creek which in the past has flooded our property. This meant relocating our equipment to high ground, but in the process, we knew we would have to keep our chainsaws and blowers close by and ready for our customers. We were prepared to answer any calls that came in and ready to assist customers with the inevitable storm cleanup. For many customers, as soon as the high winds subsided, we were providing tree removal, property cleanup and debris removal. Leaves were removed and clogged storm drains were cleared.

Preparing for a storm of this size is hard to do. However, some preparations can help alleviate problems during heavy storms. Fixing drainage problems can alleviate flooding in the future. For those impacted by flooded basements, we provide drainage and water management solutions.

We certainly hope none of us ever see a storm of this magnitude again. Please know that we are here to support you. If we can answer your questions about property, tree or landscape cleanup, or solving poor drainage issues, please feel free to call us at 610-499-1640.

Building a Maintenance Plan for the Year to Come

There are many details to consider in keeping your lawn and landscape in top condition. For example, most properties have a wide variety of trees, shrubs and lawn areas, along with flower and mulch beds in all sizes, shapes and kinds.

At the Maris Grove Retirement Community in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, having a well maintained and landscaped property is a valuable part of providing a quality facility and a great place to live. The landscaping is maintained year round by C. Caramanico and Sons. We like to keep the grounds beautiful and functional for all residents and visitors to Maris Grove.

Including all areas in a master maintenance plan can help to make sense of it all, and will lead to a better-organized program. Plus, this usually means fewer problems and less money spent in the long run! The key is to plan for the right maintenance services at the right times.

Below, you'll find a basic timeline of ideas for optimal lawn and landscape care. If you have any questions, or if you'd like us to assist you in putting your maintenance plan together, just give us a call. We're here to help!

December - March

• Dormant lawn seeding (unless using crabgrass prevention)

• Lawn fertilization

• Lawn drainage work to eliminate standing water

• Crabgrass prevention (unless lawn has been newly seeded)

• Pruning, shaping and mulching of trees and shrubs

• Dormant oil sprays for evergreens

March - June

• Fertilization, broadleaf weed control and insect controls for the lawn

• Disease, mite and insect controls for trees and shrubs

• Planting bed clean-up, edging and mulching (with pre-emergent weed control applied underneath mulch)

• Pruning of spring-flowering trees and shrubs after they bloom

June - September

• Grub control for the lawn

• Aeration to reduce thatch and expand the lawn's root system

• Continued insect and disease controls for trees and shrubs (if necessary)

September - December

• Lawn seeding or other renovation work that hasn't been completed

• Heavy lawn fertilization to take advantage of good growing conditions

• Application of soil conditioners (lime/gypsum) as needed

• Heavy fertilization of trees and shrubs

Trees and Shrubs Installed in Fall Have a Head Start

Do you have the perfect spot in mind for a new tree or grouping of shrubs? Maybe you lost a plant, or some of your older shrubs need to be replaced because they've become overgrown. Does your master landscape plan need a facelift?

Whatever your situation, if you're planning to install trees or shrubs, fall is a great time to do it. The cooler weather and more plentiful moisture give landscape plants a chance to put out roots and get used to their new home before the stress of next summer's heat and dryness is upon them. They will have an extra growing season to become established, and you'll have the pleasure of seeing your new landscape plants bloom or leaf out next spring.

In selecting plants as additions or replacements for your landscape, keep these points in mind:

• Account for the plants' eventual, mature size, and give them enough room to grow. It's a common mistake to space plants based on their size when planted. This can lead to the need for severe pruning or elimination of plants when they begin to approach full size.

• Plant in odd-numbered (1, 3, 5, 7) rather than even-numbered groups for the most pleasing effect. Large trees and any that are top heavy should be staked so that they lean 1 or 2 degrees into the prevailing winds.

• Get professional advice and help. You'll get top quality results, your project will be done quickly, and your back muscles will suffer less as well.

What makes a happy home for a new tree?

• Plant where there is good drainage. Most trees hate having "wet feet."

• Dig a large, deep hole and backfill with loose, high-organic soil. Feeder roots will start growing right away and need good soil to grow into.

• Place the plant's root ball at the same depth as it was growing in the nursery.

• Remove plastic twine or plastic burlap from the root ball. If left on, these will strangle the plant.

• Water consistently - only once or twice per week, but deeply. A trickling hose left at the drip line of the tree for several hours works well.





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