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How to minimise blind spots
Ever panicked after almost swerving into another car travelling in your blind spot? Our experts share their advice to reduce the chance of this happening.
15 ways you know you're an SA driver
Think cars should have a spot for your Farmers Union Iced Coffee? That's one way to tell you're a true South Aussie driver – find out the others.
8 ways to enjoy the Royal Show on a budget
Before heading to the Royal Adelaide Show tomorrow, check out these free activities. Hint: you may be lucky enough to devour a 1L tub of ice cream all to yourself!
SA motorists' rubbish behaviour exposed
We reveal the piece of rubbish that can land motorists with a $500 fine if they're caught throwing it out of their car window, and details on how to dob in a road litterer.
SA's breathtaking walking trails

Step off the treadmill and onto one of South Australia's spectacular walking trails – just be sure to stretch before and after number 7's mammoth circuit.

Adelaide's top spots for red light fines
More than $18 million in fines was generated from red light cameras last financial year. Our experts reveal the locations where most drivers were caught and how the money should be invested.
How to stop a dream holiday turning into a nightmare
The Greek Islands is a dream holiday for most – except Shane Stewart who ended up in hospital. Luckily, he avoided a $100,000 medical bill just by listening to his mum.
SA householders warned of dodgy tradies
Would you check a tradie's work history before hiring them? A new RAA survey reveals why householders should choose tradespeople carefully.
How to spend 24 hours in Venice
Who would've thought you could become a gondolier in less than a day, with time to spare? Read what else you can do in Venice in 24 hours.
A RoofClimb Coorong cruise Central Market tour

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