The new Silver Dollar Room will be much quieter than the old. Private student residences were the original plan for the former site of the Waverley Hotel at Spadina and College. But the site has changed hands—and will instead be built as a luxury rental building with ground-floor retail. Suggestions that a loud nightclub might be revived now sound improbable. Look, at least there'll still be a sign:

“We conclude that the average transit travel time savings are modest at best.” Ryerson University professor Murtaza Haider ran numbers on the King Street Pilot, and now middle-finger-raising area restaurants are pleased to promote the results, accompanied with a request to modify the rules. (The TTC called these findings “speculative at best.”)

The restaurant is called “Antler” for a reason. Serving backwoods game on Dundas West has made Antler the focus of recurring animal rights rallies. But the scene got rowdier when co-owner and chef Michael Hunter brought a deer leg to a window table and sliced it up in front of protestors. Outraged activists saw it as a cruel joke—but Hunter says he has nothing to apologize about:

“Beware of Doug” signs are hardly worth the paper they’re printed on. The sharp Futura font on street posters for got the Toronto Star trying to find who's behind this so-called “grassroots” campaign, only to be stuck with non-answers from “genuinely just a few concerned citizens.” Financial advisor Gail Vaz-Oxlade started a similar website critical of the Ontario PC leader.

National Post pages have really gone to pot. Print journalism will be saved by the Green Rush, if a 14-page supplement called Cannabis Post is an indication of future advertiser demand. Political types aligned with the Post won't be left behind:

Facebook Canada chief says an incredible amount of nothing. Garrick Tiplady, just appointed in December to head the branch plant, obviously can’t deviate from Mark Zuckerberg’s stilted scripts about how the company hopes to regain user trust. So, he feeds the Globe and Mail answers with way less detail than the questions. Despite recent events, Facebook is about to announce further initiatives to support Canadian news media, with the hopes of having its effort amplified, despite limited disclosure:

John Crossen dead at 73. The resident astronomer of the Buckhorn Observatory had a specific claim to fame: contributing those wistful lyrics to the theme song from The Littlest Hobo, co-written and sung by Terry Bush. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll want to settle down” are words that also now appear on #the6mural at the Monte Carlo Laundromat.

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A medical thermometer drop-off from Amazon purloined by a person caught on camera has brought this package thievery trend to Toronto.

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