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Hi everyone and welcome to a special edition of the WARC newsletter.

In case you didn't know, our top athletes have been racing hard in the heat all week at the Australian Rowing Championships at Champion Lakes. We're now up to the final three days of racing, with all of the medals to be decided.

If you can, I'd strongly encourage you to make your way down to Champion Lakes to cheer our team on! Below you'll find a full list of all of the races to watch over the weekend, though do check the race times at, as races may be moved due to the expected hot weather.

To the WARC athletes: well done, we are all incredibly proud of how you've performed thus far and we know you have what it takes to succeed. Good luck and race hard.

To the small army of coaches, parents and volunteers who have assisted in getting our crews on the water and with the running of the event, you have my heartfelt thanks - we couldn't make it without you.

So, onwards and upwards!

Mike Jones
WARC Captain



2012 National Championships Roll Call

(Apologies to any athletes if I've missed one of your events due to a late sub!)

Amy Walters - OWL1X, OWL2X, OCW2X
Darci Miller - U23W1X, U23W4-, OCW4-
Janelle Austin - OWL1X, OWL2X, OCW2X
Jen Davis - OW2-, OW4-, OW8+, OCW4-
Hannah Vermeersch - OW2-, U23W2-, U23W4-, U23W8+
Hayley Bignall - OW2-, OW4-, OW8+, OCW4-
Matt Cochran - U23M2-, U23M4-, U23M8+
Meg Downes - U23W2-, U23W4-, OCW4-
Nick Wakeford - OM1X, OM4X, OM4-, OM4+
Pat Ford - OML2-, OML8+, OCM2X
Phil Jurjevich - OCM2X
Sam Hughes - U23M2-, U23M4-, U23M8+
Sarah Steger - U19W1X, U19W2X, U19W2-, U19W4-
TC Maguire (cox) - U23M8+
Zak Campbell - U23M2-, U23M4-, U23M8+

We also have a number of our athletes competing under the banner of Trinity College:

Angus Gillespie - SBU178+
Jack Cleary - SB1X, SB4X+, SB8+
Jex Fatin - U17M4X+, SBU178+, SB8+
Jordan Ziliotto - SB4X+
Phil Jurjevich - OM4+
Tom Fairclough - U23ML1X, SB4X+, SB8+

Finally, the following athletes will be representing WA in Sunday's Interstate Regatta:

Hannah Vermeersch - ISWY8+, ISW8+
Matt Cochran - ISMY8+
Ross Martin (cox) - ISM8+


Racing This Weekend

Below you'll find a full list of when our athletes will (or may be) racing this weekend. As I mentioned above, be sure to check for the latest race times.


7:45am - OM1X Semi Final - Wakeford
8:15am - U23W2- FINAL - Vermeersch
8:25am - U23M2- FINAL - Cochran
8:35am - OWL1X Semi Final - Austin
9:52am - U19W2- FINAL - Steger
10:20am - OW8+ FINAL - Davis, Bignall
10:27am - OM4+ FINAL - Wakeford vs Jurjevich
10:48am - OWL2X FINAL - Walters, Austin
12:20pm - OCW2X Heat - Walters, Austin
12:35pm - OCW4- Heat - Bignall, Davis, Downes, Miller
1:55pm - SB4X+ Heat - Fairclough, Ziliotto, Cleary
2:10pm - SBU178+ Heat - Fatin, Gillespie
2:30pm - SB8+ - Fairclough, Fatin, Cleary


7:50am - OW2- FINAL - Vermeersch
8:10-8:15am - OM1X FINAL - Wakeford
8:28am - U23M4- FINAL - Cochran
8:40-8:45am - OWL1X FINAL - Austin
9:02am - OML2- FINAL - Ford
9:58am - U19W4- FINAL - Steger
10:17-10:22am - OCW2X Repechage - Austin, Walters
10:40am - OM4X FINAL - Wakeford
11:00-11:05am - SB4X- Repechage - Fairclough, Ziliotto, Cleary
11:27am - OM4- FINAL - Wakeford
11:34am - U23W8+ FINAL - Vermeersch
11:41am - U23M8+ FINAL - Cochran, Campbell, Hughes, Maguire
11:48am - OML8+ FINAL - Ford
12:30-12:40pm - SB1X Semi Final - Cleary
1:05-1:10pm - SB4X+ - Fairclough, Ziliotto, Cleary
1:15-1:20pm - SB8+ - Fairclough, Fatin, Cleary


7:45-7:55am - SB1X Minor Finals - Cleary
8:25-8:30am - SB4X+ Minor Finals - Fairclough, Ziliotto, Cleary
8:40-8:45am - SB8+ Minor Finals - Fairclough, Fatin, Cleary
8:57am - SB1X FINAL - Cleary
9:18am - OCW2X FINAL - Austin, Walters
9:32am - OCW4- FINAL - Bignall, Davis, Downes, Miller
9:53am - SB4X+ FINAL - Fairclough, Ziliotto, Cleary
10:00am - SBU178+ FINAL - Fatin, Gillespie
10:14am - SB8+ FINAL - Fairclough, Fatin, Cleary
11:10am - ISWY8+ - Vermeersch
11:25am - ISMY8+ - Cochran
11:40am - ISW8+ - Vermeersch
11:50am - ISM8+ - Martin

Pennant Table

(2011 Final Standings)

FRC 138.8
WARC 130.6
SRRC 114.7
UWABC 103.0
ANARC 57.1
CUBC 36.1
BRC 33.1
CLBC 19.1
MURC 11.2
PRC 6.1

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Mike Jones at

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