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Senior Citizen Growth in AK

Here's something that might suprise you: Alaska leads the nation, per capita, in senior citizen growth. The latest Department of Labor numbers from 2013 show that seniors ages 60+ represent 110,794 Alaskans – that’s up about 6 percent over the 2012 numbers and equates to 15 percent of the overall state population. Click here for more statistics about Alaska's aging population.

AHFC is focused on ensuring Alaska’s seniors have access to adequate, accessible, secure, affordable and supportive services. AHFC’s Senior Housing Office works with Alaska’s Commission on Aging to offer research, information and solutions to provide the best housing options and support for aging Alaskans.

For questions regarding Senior Housing, call Jim McCall at #330-8436. For a list of resources for seniors, click here.

Tell All: Energy Rebate Program

Tiffany bought her Anchorage home in June  2012 and decided to take advantage of Alaska Housing’s Home Energy Rebate Program when she realized that she may not have to incur all the costs of insulating, framing, and sheet rocking her unfinished basement.

Within three months of being in her home, Tiffany had an energy rater come to assess the energy efficiency needs of her house. Some of the recommendations were to:
• Increase the insulation in the attic and space above the garage
• Replace the boiler
• Upgrade windows
• Replace/upgrade the garage door and all exterior doors
• Insulate the basement walls
• Install programmable thermostats
• Get a new garage heater and a better housing heating source

With recommendations in hand, Tiffany set to work making improvements to her home. She insulated the attic, space above the garage, basement walls and the space between the basement walls and ceiling. She also added a heating zone to the basement, purchased a new boiler, upgraded two large basement windows and installed new thermostats.

As for the rumors she heard about the process being slow and the waiting list long, Tiffany says, “I had my first assessment within three or four months of being in the house, which was great. So far everything has been pretty easy and straightforward in terms of getting the pre-assessment, the printed report to help me determine what to do, and the post-assessment.”

To see pre- & post- modication pictures of Tiffany's basement, click HERE.

Click HERE for more information about AHFC's Home Energy Rebate Program.

Free Credit Report

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity for you to receive your free credit report from: annualcreditreport.com

Why is it important to check your credit report?

• To check for errors that may have been included on your report;
• To ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date;
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