“I politely told the host that I loved my husband and would never do that.” Sarah Thomson wrote about being propositioned by an unnamed Toronto talk show host during the 2010 mayoral election. The claim included Thomson's assistant being told by this host that the tactic “worked 50 per cent of the time” and that she was never invited on his show again due to rejecting him. After these claims were outlined further, TVO CEO Lisa De Wilde says an email was sent to Steve Paikin, which have spurred a third-party investigationThe Agenda host will stay on the job—save for covering related topics:

Caroline Mulroney is now lurking. Be vigilant. The third Ontario PC leadership candidate has the backing of party establishment, who want her face replaced on the "People's Guarantee." But that also comes associated with the party seeming to have 67,000 fewer members than claimed, which interim leader Vic Fedeli identified as rot he needed to root out. Meanwhile, sexual-assault accusations against former provincial party president Rick Dykstra led to a statement from Stephen Harper, which now leads to Michael Harris wondering if Andrew Scheer can transcend the fate of Pinocchio.

“The Folks Guy” returns right on time. Doug Ford’s chance of being premier looked greater based on his ability to bring Ford Nation out for a snowy night rally—even one with a cash bar. Family friend Christine Elliott may factor in how this one ends, now that she’s also running, but they both dodged a bullet when Jordan Peterson decided against entering this contest. Nonetheless, seasoned prankster “Michael Dunbar Jr.” established himself as a factor in the race; even though he claims that his "Folks" flyers were confiscated, raising five pro-DoFo signs produced this effect from behind:

Conrad Black supports a neighbour’s wrongful conviction lawsuit. Andrew Curnew is hoping to clear his name after a saga that started with being arrested and locked up for selling Hells Angels paraphernalia. The lawyer Curnew is suing for negligent representation, retained before he struck it rich with dental clinics, calls the $3-million lawsuit “frivolous, vexatious or otherwise an abuse of process.” But cheering it on is Bridle Path neighbour Lord Black, who notes that Curnew did harder time than he did. Black mostly sticks to fighting on Twitter nowadays, after praising Justin Trudeau for not beating further down on Patrick Brown.

“Peoplekind” turn their backs on Justin Trudeau. PMO director of operations Claude-Éric Gagné resigned in the wake of allegations into inappropriate behaviour, which he denies, although inapropriate conduct has continued to be alleged among the Liberals. But the sensitivity of Justin Trudeau came to light during the Edmonton town hall where he likened hecklers to “Canada turning its back on me.” But, in response to a question about funding religious charities from a woman advocating how “maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind,” the PM made a meme out of inaccurately correcting what he took as gendered:

Amazon mystery package leaves U of T limp. Student associations across Canada have received a streak of items sent anonymously from what an RCMP officer concluded was a marketing tactic from companies in China. A shipmet of sex toys to Ryerson paid off in publicity: “One was like a mint greenish multi-setting vibrator with like a rose gold end and it was so bougie,” was how one student executive described it.  But the latest gift for a downtown campus was derided for looking cheap:

Facebook surveillance stokes the Globe and Mail. ProPublica, the American non-profit prying open the back door of darkness on social media, is giving the Globe access to its browser extension that collects some evidence of political advertising trends. Naturally, the Facebook ad encouraging user participation is being met with skeptical comments.

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Don Cherry attached this epithet to people who believe in global warming on Coach's Corner, which genuinely upset environment minister Catherine McKenna.

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