“Felony waiting to happen” joke loses the Liberals. Russell Peters was criticized for his line about young women in the front rows of the Juno Awards—especially by heritage minister Mélanie Joly, who further scolded him for calling her “hot.” Peters offered no comment in response, beyond hearting some supportive tweets:

The wait for the pot bill to appear. MP Bill Blair, the top cop turned joint chief, got a lengthy profile in the Toronto Star as he prepares to unveil the government's legalization plan next week. The anticipation has Maclean’s asking about the product's most outspoken rogue retailers: “Are Marc and Jodie Emery bad for the weed movement?"

Who isn’t listening to calls in Ottawa? Russia says any suggestion that it taps phones in Ottawa is “bogus and baseless.” China says it's “not only unreasonable but even irresponsible” to suggest that they're doing it, and the United States offered no comment. Canada’s own electronic spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment, confirms that they’re not allowed to do that. Nonetheless, a CBC News investigation sniffed a snoop:

Postmedia’s equity dropped 99.7 per cent in six years. At least, according to the calculations of Globe and Mail columnist David Milstead, who explains why the company's time might now really be running out. The Tyee illustrated the impact of some recent slashing: “Inside the Ugly Unravelling at the Vancouver Sun and Province.” But boss Paul Godfrey remains chill enough to spend an entire afternoon watching the Blue Jays season opener in his office—which we know because Joe Warmington wrote all about it for a column.

A hot take on a flyer. This homage to a-ha’s 1985 video is sublime to those of a certain age. The stylings of Christiano De Arauj might be familiar from many large murals.

“I think I’m witnessing a drug deal. I mean who the hell carries their pizza like that?” A post on Reddit about a pair of boxes held vertically in a plastic bag sparked plenty of discussion. Commenters wondered if there might’ve been calzones in there, something the photographer doubts. And then there’s the view that Pizza Pizza crust is way too solid for cheese to slip off. Coverage of the controversy tried to be balanced:

Jim Richards got rather weepy on the radio. Newstalk 1010's Showgram host described a reunion with an ex-girlfriend who's now married to another guy. He was pretty choked up—until it was time to throw to the traffic report.

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The name of a new umbrella corporation Verizon will be creating out of the remains of AOL and Yahoo.

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