Peter Mansbridge is haunting us still. The National unveiled a new four-headed host: Adrienne Arsenault, Rosemary Barton, Andrew Chang and Ian Hanomansing. The announcement vindicates February’s semi-denied Trinidad Express report that Hanomansing told his cousin he’d be getting the gig. CBC vice president Heather Conway nonetheless gloated that the Ceeb was finally successful at keeping the lid on an internal secret. Fears persist that viewers will resist changes, but Mansbridge Hall's namesake dropped in to help assuage worry:

"It felt like the kind of thing you would have expected to have happened in the Soviet Union." Adam Lackman, founder of the Android video app library TVAddons, had his Montreal home searched while police interrogated him for more than nine hours. The warrant, deemed unlawful after the fact, was requested by three telecom giants. Lackman is raising money to fight back. Meanwhile, an appeal of a CRTC ruling that forbids carriers from subbing in Canadian commercials during the Super Bowl has been relaunched by Bell Media.

Scenes from the retail shareholder struggles. Tim Hortons is raising prices to offset lower returns while some franchisees remain disgruntled—but now the brand is going to Spain. Loblaw is still dealing with blowback from its opposition to a $15 minimum wage, even if it's a fight whose winner is all but bound to be decided by self-checkout. And now Sears Canada executives are being targeted:

Leslie Spit cinderblock temple maker is just a genial hippie. Maintenance worker Robert Zunke was found by the Toronto Star after a young lurker shared some clues. Despite the social media attention for his structures, though, Ports Toronto razed them. “Those guys were jealous,” says Zunke. “Nothing was gonna knock it down.” 

The Sheppard subway line might someday look like it made sense. The ongoing mystery about why they bothered with a Bessarion station might be solved once they finish building an adjacent community centre that’ll include a public library relocated from the nearby mall at Sheppard. In turn, an upgrade is in the works for the Bayview Village Shopping Centre, set to follow its Don Mills counterpart in restoring its original outdoor elements, a plan that looks pretty glamourous:

Generation X now old enough for the crankiest rants in the newspaper. The Globe and Mail offers an essay from Vickie Fagan about what it’s like to be a fiftysomething woman in “a daycare for hyperactive young adults.” A group job interview, held around a Ping-Pong table, was evidently for “a digital/app marketing company,” which was looking for door-to-door canvassers. Fagan, who previously wrote about being a female Uber driver, beat a hasty retreat while feeling more invisible than ever.

"Free-speech" fighters feel targeted by Google. For at least a couple hours, Jordan Peterson was locked out of Gmail and YouTube, where he has a new short-form lecture channel. As usual, there was a complete lack of explanation from Google. Speculation persists that the temporary ban related to YouTube's effort to “fight terror content online.”

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Researchers at U of T have found that you can generally judge a person's income level just by looking at them.

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