A swing and a miss at John Tory’s affection for golf. The mayor once quipped on the radio that women should hit the links to get ahead, so of course he shrugged off Jennifer Keesmaat’s proposal to convert golf courses into public spaces. Tory noted that the city is already looking into this:

Faith Goldy has a new running mate: Clayton Ruby. The infamous mayoral candidate has retained Ruby, a famed civil rights lawyer, to force Bell Media to show her campaign ads on CP24. Ruby outlined at a press conference how this has nothing to do with politics, but rather respecting CRTC policy.

Rob Ford’s former football teammate is getting egged. Angelo Carnevale is running for city council in Etobicoke Centre against two incumbents, which means he has little chance of winning despite an association with Ford Nation. But there’s one person Carnevale can count on: the journalist trying to find out who’s been pelting dozens of eggs at his house.

“I have mellowed since the day I won the Tonya Harding award from the gay men’s hockey league.” George Smitherman wants Toronto Centre council voters to know that he’s no longer “Furious George.” He’s also criticizing incumbent Lucy Troisi for saying “mental health issues” led to someone throwing a brick through her storefront window.

Jim Balsillie tells us how he really feels about Sidewalk Toronto. A cover-up of a user data breach doesn’t look too good for Alphabet. Meanwhile, the co-founder of BlackBerry expanded on his recent comments about how all the talk about wooden skyscrapers can’t prevent Alphabet's “smart city” from seeming like a really dumb deal:

Tom Hargitai dead at 65. Holt Renfrew’s doorman was laid off in 2011, after 21 years. Now he’s being fondly remembered after losing a battle with cancer:

The roundhouse-kicking hairdresser turned himself in to police. Jordan Hunt was charged with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief, along with another assault charge stemming from a previous incident. A viral video made Hunt a fixture of pro-life websites, while his former salon reports being inundated by threats.

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As part of a settlement, CAMH apologized for falsely attributing these words to Dr. Kenneth Zucker, the former head of its child and youth gender clinic.

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