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New Teaching Resources for Yom HaShoah

March 2015   Nisan 5775

Dear Rabbi or Educator,

JPS recently published two new important Holocaust-related books -- perfect for Yom HaShaoh on April 16. Please consider these titles for yourself and share this information with your teachers, librarians and other colleagues.

For young children, Grandpa’s Third Drawer: Unlocking Holocaust Memories, was first published in Israel, where its award-winning Hebrew edition is used widely by teachers on Yom HaShoah. It is a story of a loving relationship between a silent grandfather and his curious grandson. A free teacher’s guide is available

Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust, also for young children, is an award winning first book on the Holocaust that is used in hundreds of school districts around the country.

For adults and teens, Hatemail: Anti-Semitism on Picture Postcards features over 250 postcards, largely from the pre-Holocaust era, that show how hateful messages were widely distributed much like social media is sometimes used today. Hatemail is a National Jewish Book Award Finalist.

Details about these and many other Holocaust-related books can be found below. Save 30% using the promo code 6HRD5.

For the past 125 years JPS has been the preeminent publisher of books at the heart of Jewish culture in the English reading world. I am available to help you find books that fit your Jewish education programs. Contact me at or visit our website at



Sarah Kroloff Segal
Director of Development & Communications


NEW - For Grades 1 to 5


Grandpa’s Third Drawer: 
Unlocking Holocaust Memories

Judy Tal Kopelman

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Download Free Teacher's Guide

Introduces young children to the Holocaust without explicit information or exposing them to horror, trauma, or death. (Free teacher’s guide is also available.) It tells an intimate and moving story of a silent grandfather who is unexpectedly confronted by his curious and loving grandchild. The story is captivating, yet simple and direct—and accompanied by colorful, eye-catching illustrations, including preserved personal objects from Theresienstadt.

Recently published in English, the award-winning Hebrew edition is used widely by teachers in Israel on Yom HaShoah and broadcast on Israel’s National Children’s TV.

$12.95 / $9.06 with promo code 6HRD5

It was with great eagerness that I read this beautiful book.

- Elie Wiesel


NEW - For Adults & Teens


Anti-Semitism on Picture Postcards

Salo Aizenberg

National Jewish Book Award Finalist

Today social media is sometimes used to spread hateful messages and slurs masking as humor. In the early 1900s postcards served this purpose. Ordinary people spread virulent forms of anti-Semitism through postcards. The images collected in this volume make it painfully clear that anti-Semitic propaganda did not begin with the Nazis.

Includes over 250 examples of such postcards, largely from the pre-Holocaust era, are reproduced here for the first time—selected, translated, and historically contextualized by one of the world’s foremost postcard collectors.

 $31.95 / $22.36 with promo code 6HRD5

These remarkable postcards will make you laugh, cry, and clench your fist in anger.

—Alan Dershowitz, author of The Trials of Zion


For Grades 1 and Up

Terrible Things

Terrible Things:
An Allegory of the Holocaust

Eve Bunting

This unique introduction to the Holocaust encourages young children to stand up for what they think is right, without waiting for others to join them.

$10.00 / $7.00 with promo code 6HRD5

Remember Not to Forget

Remember Not to Forget:
A Memory of the Holocaust

Norman H. Finkelstein

An introduction to the Holocaust, which also tells the origins and history of anti-Semitism  in a factual and somber way without being too frightening for younger children. Striking woodcuts accompany Finkelstein’s text.

$9.95 / $6.96 with promo code 6HRD5


For Grades 4 and Up

Anne Frank: Life in Hiding

Anne Frank: Life in Hiding

Johanna Hurwitz

A marvelous and readable introduction to Anne Frank and the Holocaust, this sensitive portrait helps young readers identify with Anne Frank and share her isolation, fears, and  hopes This biography of Anne and the Frank family tells of their lives before World War II and their years spent in hiding during the war.

$12.95 / $9.06 with promo code 6HRD5

In the Mouth of the Wolf

In The Mouth of the Wolf

Rose Zar

Rose Zar was 19 when the Nazis invaded her native Poland. Her father urged her to save herself by hiding "in the mouth of the wolf"-- or within the enemy itself. She obtained false papers, changed her identity, and survived the Holocaust as maid and nanny for a Nazi SS colonel.

$18.00 / $12.60 with promo code 6HRD5


For Grades 5 and Up

Bridge to Freedom

Isabel R. Marvin

It is March 1945, the last days of World War II, just inside the German front. Kurt, a German army deserter, and Rachel, a 15-year-old Jew who has escaped from the terrors of Nazi Berlin, meet. The two must trust each other in order to survive and escape.

$9.95 / $6.96 with promo code 6HRD5 


For Adults

History & Hate:
The Dimensions of Anti-Semitism

David Berger

Provides fresh insight into the complexities of anti-Semitism. Includes eight essays by noted scholars, each an expert in a specific historical period—from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

$25.00 / $17.50 with promo code 6HRD5

Remember for Life: Holocaust Survivors' Stories of Faith and Hope

Brad Hirschfield

These 71 personal stories from survivors teach us to choose to faith over despair. Their words are not about hatred and death, but about ethics, decency and love. Their stories are lessons about how to live more fully the life we are given.

$14.95 / $10.46 with promo code 6HRD5

We are Children Just the Same: Vedem, the Secret Magazine by the Boys of Terezin

Paul Wilson

National Jewish Book Award Winner

Jewish boys imprisoned at Theresienstadt secretly produced a weekly magazine called Vedem (In the Lead). It contained essays, interviews, poems, and artwork written behind the blackout shades of their cellblock. The remarkable material was saved by one boy who survived.

$34.95 / $24.46 with promo code 6HRD5


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