Canada’s loudest neo-Nazi is “converted to Ford Nation now.” The second-most-prolific writer on the Daily Stormer was revealed as a resident of Montreal. The discovery of his podcast praise of Doug Ford inspired an alarmist Liberal missive.

Tanya Granic Allen is expelled from the Ontario PCs. In a 2014 video unearthed by the Liberals, Doug Ford’s leadership kingmaker spoke about wanting to “vomit in disbelief” over Croatia legalizing same-sex marriage. As a result, Granic Allen lost her spot with the party in Mississauga. Social media digging has also exposed offensive quips by PC candidate Andrew Lawton—who blames them on his past mental health struggles.

Young and Giroux are newly notorious names at Bathurst and Vaughan. Three Points Where Two Lines Meet, a structure that artists Christian Giroux and Daniel Young were commissioned to build south of St. Clair, quickly became something to worry about as a driver distraction. Councillor Joe Mihevc, who likens the backlash to the initial dismay over the Eiffel Tower, says that it's meeting safety standards.

“(Possible) Home of Amazon HQ2.” The city of Toronto has kept relatively chill about its shortlisted bid to lure Amazon, but there’s less humility in Markham, where signs now pitch the city as the focus of the regional bid. Amazon recently announced 3,000 new jobs in Vancouver, bringing on new chatter about this interminable urban derby.

The movies fought for their future at CinemaCon. Cineplex ticket sales were down 9.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2018, a trend that's likely to continue, even though the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) remains bullish on recycled intellectual property. The three-sided ScreenX, watched in seats that move with the action, is among the innovations being considered by Cineplex, even if the tickets might end up north of $100.

Ninalee Allen Craig dead at 90.An American Girl in Italy,” snapped by American photographer Ruth Orkin in Florence in August 1951, starred a 23-year-old New York woman with the nickname “Jinx,” who was touring Europe after quitting her job as a nursery school teacher. Ninalee Allen moved to the Toronto area in 1978 after marrying a Dofasco executive. After his death in 1996, she was an active local arts patron, who regularly explained how she was never offended by the scene surrounding her:

Frank Grosso dead at 53. The frontman for Aerosmith tribute act Mama Kin stopped performing in 2015, after being diagnosed with ALS. Grosso’s obituary notes that he even got to meet Steven Tyler, who proved "gracious and compassionate.”

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The provincial government contributed $300,000 to help Province Brands of Canada work with Loyalist College to figure out how to drink weed.

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