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Home Choice helping thousands find their place

This month marks the 23rd anniversary of HomeChoice, the free class for would-be homeowners that has helped nearly 60,000 Alaskans understand and participate in the home-buying process.
June is also National Homeownership Month. The theme for 2017 is “Finding Your Place in a New Era of Homeownership.” This is particularly relevant to Alaskans as we face challenges with limited and aging housing stock.

Gena, a participant in AHFC’s public housing program, has graciously shared her story to inspire others and to share how AHFC housing subsidies have helped her to achieve her personal goals. The Step program is designed to provide families with a work-able adult opportunities to increase economic independence and transition into traditional rental or homeownership. Gena is just one success story among many. A survey among participants in late 2016 revealed that the inaugural cohort of Step participants have experienced a 58 percent increase in earned income compared to their income at enrollment four years ago.

This issue of In House also offers information about the Resource Information Center Library, which is open to everyone, and recognizes one of the highest p

roducing lenders in the state, Rocky Elerding of Ketchikan.
As we look to July, we’re proud of the products we offer to veteran, first-time homebuyers and those in rural Alaska. Living up to our mission, “to provide safe, quality and affordable housing,” I encourage you to call my staff or me if you have questions about the value of an AHFC loan for your buyers. As you look to fulfilling your continuing education credits, maybe it’s time to circle back to a HomeChoice class. Participants can earn up to eight hours of continuing education credits and networking with prospective homebuyers in your community.

Jan Miyagishima

Stepping into self-sufficiency

Four years ago, AHFC implemented the Rent Reform program, Step,  that provided incentives to work-able families who received housing assistance. The incentives include educational grants, free classes in financial managmenet and employement skills and other incentives to help famlies become self-sufficient. An evaluation of the program's initial wave of participants revealed encouraging news. Families in the third year of the program experienced a 58 percent increase in income, 13 percent more Step households are working at least part-time with seven percent more working full time.

Gena was homeless. Now she has a career and a new life.
The road to success went through our supportive STEP program.
Here is Gena telling her own story. http://bit.ly/2oibvHr.


RIC all your energy questions answered

The Resource Information Library (RIC) is the place to go when looking for answers for questions about housing in Alaska. The library has it all. How-tos and free tools for improving energy efficiency, reports about the housing market, classes and instructional videos and more! Betty Hall, Librarian extrodinare is on hand to answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

The most recent addition to the library is  this article from Jimmy Ord, energy program information officer about heat pumps. Not sure what a heat pump is? Follow this link to find out! (add link)

Betty Hall
(907)330-8166 (Anchorage)
(800)478-4636 (statewide)


HomeChoice by the numbers